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Gun Alchemist[edit]

The Gun Alchemist is a master of combat with the rare and specially crafted pistol.

Making a Gun Alchemist[edit]

Abilities: A Gun Alchemist's most important attribute is charisma, followed by dexterity and intelligence. The former allows for better shooting while the latter allows for increased skill rolls in alchemy and crafting.

Races: Most Gun Alchemists are humans, though it is not uncommon to see gnome, dwarven, and even the rare elven Gun Alchemist.

Alignment: Any.

Starting Gold: 5d4 x 10gp.

Starting Age: As Fighter.

Table: The Gun Alchemist

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +0 +2 +2 Bonus Feat, Cast Alchemical Round, Bond with Alchemist's Pistol
2nd +2 +0 +3 +3 Reinforcing Runes
3rd +3 +1 +3 +3 Cast Castor Bullet
4th +4 +1 +4 +4 Bonus Feat
5th +5 +1 +4 +4
6th +6/+1 +2 +5 +5
7th +7/+2 +2 +5 +5 Fast movement +5
8th +8/+3 +2 +6 +6 Bonus Feat
9th +9/+4 +3 +6 +6
10th +10/+5 +3 +7 +7
11th +11/+6/+1 +3 +7 +7 Fast movement +10
12th +12/+7/+2 +4 +8 +8 Bonus Feat
13th +13/+8/+3 +4 +8 +8
14th +14/+9/+4 +4 +9 +9
15th +15/+10/+5 +5 +9 +9 Fast movement +15
16th +16/+11/+6/+1 +5 +10 +10 Bonus Feat
17th +17/+12/+7/+2 +5 +10 +10
18th +18/+13/+8/+3 +6 +11 +11
19th +19/+14/+9/+4 +6 +11 +11 Fast movement +20
20th +20/+15/+10/+5 +6 +12 +12 Bonus Feat

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft (small arms), Craft (Alchemy), Diplomacy, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (arcane), Listen, Perform, Profession, Spot, Swim..

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Gun Alchemist.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Gun Alchemist is proficient with all simple weapons, short bows and guns. They are also proficient in light armors, but not in shields.

Cast Alchemical Rounds: The first project a gun Alchemist works on are modified standard rounds which hold special elemental projectiles. There are six different types of elemental rounds; Cold, Fire, Electrical, Sonic, Acid, and Poisoned. Additionally, the Gun Alchemist can create holy and unholy water capsule rounds which contain aligned water, powdered silver, and garlic (or other materials that could be suspended in small capsules) used against evil or good enemies. Every hour, a Gun Alchemist can craft 6 rounds of any one element and requires 6 ounces of lead and additional materials detailed in the following chart. Additionally, each hour requires a craft (Small Arms) DC check to successfully create. Failure results in the loss of all crafting materials.

Table: Alchemic Rounds

Level Type Craft DC Bonus Damage Required Materials
1st Fire/cold 12 +1d6 fire/cold. 1 flask of Alchemists Fire/1 Coldstone
2nd Holy/Unholy 15 +1d4 holy/unholy 1 flask of holy/unholy water
3rd Sonic 18 +1d6 sonic 1 thunderstone
5th Electric 21 +1d6 electric 1oz. acid
8th Acid 24 +1d6 acid 1 flask of chosen acid
11th Poison 27 +poison Chosen Poison (plus check for working with poison)

Bond with Alchemist's Pistol: A Gun Alchemist is capable of bonding with the strange metals and runes used to create Alchemist pistols. Doing so takes a full day and uses up alchemical materials costing 100gp. The bonded weapon becomes an extension of the Gun Alchemist, and while many Gun Alchemists carry a second, third, or even fourth pistol, not all of them can bond to multiple Alchemist's Pistols. A gun mage can only bond to a number of Alchemist's pistols equal to his Charisma ability modifier.

Reinforcing Runes and Modifications: As a gun alchemist's ability begins to grow, he learns more of the mechanical techniques and arcane runes capable of reinforcing and strengthening the alchemist's pistol itself, allowing it to take more damage and withstand the stronger Castor rounds. For every day spent carefully modifying and carving runes into their alchemist's pistol, the gun alchemist can increase the pistol's hardness by 1 point to a max of 16. Each Alchemist's pistol the Gun Alchemist bonds with can only be modified to a bonus hardness equal to their Gun Alchemist's class level. For example, a fifth level Gun Alchemist can modify their pistol five times, adding +5 to it's hardness. This allows for a total hardness of 10 (base hardness) + 3 (class hardness bonus) + 5 = 18 hardness. The following table shows costs to upgrade, depending on how hard the pistol is.

Table: Pistol Upgrades

Hardness Cost
1-4 100gp
5-8 250gp
9-12 450gp
13-16 600gp

Cast Castor Rounds: At 3rd level a Gun Alchemist gains the ability to craft special rounds which, through advanced alchemic processes, stores energy and explosive components that cause great deals of damage. There are 18 types of rounds, each varies in power and build components. Each round takes an hour of undisturbed work to create and costs 2/3eds an ounce of the associated material (Roughly the weight of 2 coins, or about 24 measures in a pound of material). As the quality of each castor round improves, so does the material of which it is crafted from. Additionally, each round costs an additional 1 gold worth of lead and other materials required by the casting process. As the material each round is produced from improves, it improves the weapon bonus it receives in order to increase attack rolls as well as to bypass damage resistance. If a critical is made with a castor round the extra damage is not multiplied.

Creating Castor rounds is a very intensive process, requiring meticulous and detailed alchemic work. To create Castor rounds requires a high alchemy skill and a molding kit (50gp). Every hour spent consecutively working past the first requires a concentration check (DC: 12) or the crafter must pause in crafting for 24 hours to relax. Additionally, each hour past the first causes a -1 penalty to all ranged attacks (cumulative). These points are recovered at a rate of 1 per every 2 hours provided the Gun Alchemist is no longer crafting Castor rounds.

Further, firing a castor round is a harsh process on the pistol. Each round fired deals damage to the Alchemist's Pistol equal to 12 + it's type number. So, a Type 5 round would deal 17 damage to the pistol (12+5), and a type 18 round would deal 30 damage to the pistol (12+18). The Gun Alchemist can counteract this damage by modifying his pistol with the Reinforcing Runes and Modifications ability. With up-to-date reinforcement, a gun alchemist can keep his pistol in good condition, never taking damage when discharging castor rounds he made himself. This damage stacks with other damage delt to the pistol that round, making fireing two or more consecutive castor rounds a dangerous prospect.

Table: Castor Rounds

Level Round Type Alchemy DC Bonus Damage Materials Attack Bonus
3rd Type 1 15 1d4 Copper +0
Type 2 18 2d4 Copper +0
Type 3 21 3d4 Copper +0
6th Type 4 19 2d6 Silver +1
Type 5 22 3d6 Silver +1
Type 6 25 4d6 Silver +1
9th Type 7 23 4d8 Gold +2
Type 8 26 5d8 Gold +2
Type 9 29 6d8 Gold +2
12th Type 10 27 4d10 Platinum +3
Type 11 30 5d10 Platinum +3
Type 12 33 6d10 Platinum +3
15th Type 13 31 5d12 Mithral +4
Type 14 34 6d12 Mithral +4
Type 15 37 7d12 Mithral +4
18th Type 16 35 8d12 Adamantine +5
Type 17 38 9d12 Adamantine +5
Type 18 41 10d12 Adamantine +5

Bonus Feats: At the first level and every fourth level after the first, a Gun Alchemist gains an additional bonus feat from the following list: Combat Loading (Improved Combat Loading), Dodge (Mobility), Improved initiative, Point Blank Shot (Far Shot, Improved Precise Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Shot on the Run), Quick Draw, Skill Focus (Craft (arms and armor), Alchemy), Weapon Focus (Pistol) (Weapon Specialization (pistol), Greater Weapon Focus (Pistol), Greater Weapon Specialization (pistol)).

Fast Movement: At 7th lvl and every four levels after 7th the gun alchemist gains a speed bonus of +5ft

The Gun Alchemist's Pistol While the Gun Alchemist is capable of many spectacular feats with any firearm, he is most impressive when he holds a bonded Alchemist's Pistol in his hand. This is a very special sort of firearm. Every budding Gun Alchemist seeks to possess at least one of these weapons. Gun Alchemists who have polished their alchemic and firearm abilities, once bonded with their pistol, learn to treat the pistol as an extension of their own body. As the master's levels in the gun alchemist class increase, the alchemist's pistol also increases in power. Every two levels, the bonded pistol gains +1 to hardness (which stacks with all other hardness bonuses granted by this class) and +2 hit points. Additionally, the master gains special abilities when using his Alchemist's Pistol. In the case of a Gun Alchemist's Pistol taking damage, it requires a craft arms and armor check with a DC of 10 + the number of levels in Gun Alchemist the character has. As he increases in level, his weapon becomes stronger and resilient, and is therefore increasingly difficult to repair if it does become damaged.

Table: Alchemist's Bounded Pistol Abilities

Level Hardness Hit Points Special
1-2 +1 +2 Alertness
3-4 +2 +4 My little friend
5-6 +3 +6 Bound Accuracy
7-8 +4 +8 Sighting Link
9-10 +5 +10 Call Pistol
11-12 +6 +12 Bound Accuracy +2
13-14 +7 +14 Scry Pistol
15-16 +8 +16
17-18 +9 +18 Bound Accuracy +3
19-20 +10 +20

Alertness: Whenever a gun alchemist is in physical contact with his bound pistol, touching it with his hand, he gains heightened senses and is treated as if having the Alertness feat.

My little Friend: Whenever a gun alchemist attacks with his bound pistol he get his Charisma added to his attack and damage. In addition whenever the gun alchemist is physcial contact with his bound pistol he gains his Charisma modifier added to his AC as a deflection bonus.This bonus does not stack if the gun alchemist is in physical contact with more than one bound pistol. Also when it comes to bound pistols the Gun alchemist may draw two of them as a single move action. If he has the Quick Draw feat he may do so as a free action.

Bound Accuracy: A Gun Alchemist slowly learns every detail and characteristic of their weapon. At fifth level a Gun Alchemist gains a +1 to his attack roll. This increases at level 11 to +2, and then to +3 at level 17.

Sighting Link: A Gun Alchemist's bond with his pistol is a unique and spiritual one, crossing over to the supernatural. A gun alchemist can instead see out of the sights of his weapon, as if looking right out of the barrel of the pistol. This ability allows the Gun Alchemist to preform some extremely impressive trick shots, such as shooting behind him or around corners with no loss of accuracy. Using this ability is a move action and negates all but 100% miss chance. It also allows the Gun Alchemist to fire around his own 100% cover as long as he is ajacent to a square with 0% cover.

Call Pistol: Upon reaching level 9, a Gun Alchemist can will his pistol to his hand. The pistol must not be gripped by anyone, so that it may fly free to it's master. Secondly, the gun alchemist must be able to see the bonded pistol to call it to him. This is equivalent to a move action to preform, or a free action if the Gun Alchemist has the Quick Draw feat.

Scry Pistol: At level 13, a Gun Alchemist can scry (as the spell) on his pistol once per day. This is a spell-like ability requiring no material components or focus that allows the gun alchemist to see and hear his bonded pistol and its surroundings if they are ever separated. It has a casting time of 1 full round.

Ex-Gun Alchemists[edit]


Epic Gun Alchemist[edit]

Table: The Epic Gun Alchemist

Hit Die: d8

Level Special
23rd Fast movement +25
24th Bonus Feat
27th Fast movement +30
28th Bonus Feat

4 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Bound Accuracy: This continues to improve every 6 levels after the 17th by +1.

Bonus Feats: The epic Gun Alchemist gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic bonus feats) every levels after 20th.

Epic Gun Alchemist Bonus Feat List: Same as base class. An epic Gun Alchemist gets these feats in addition to the feat granted every 3ed level.

Gun Alchemist Starting Package[edit]

Weapons: .

Skill Selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 4 + Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor

Feat: .

Bonus Feats: .

Gear: .

Gold: .

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Gun Alchemist[edit]

Religion: .

Other Classes: .

Combat: .

Advancement: .

Gun Alchemists in the World[edit]


Daily Life: .

Notables: .

Organizations: .

NPC Reactions: .

Gun Alchemist Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (History) can research Gun Alchemists to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
5 Gun Alchemists are ranged fighters using new technology and arcane knowledge.
10 Gun Alchemists utilize a mixture of alchemy and the arcane, focused on newer technology in order to master the pistol.
15 Gun Alchemists are fairly rare, and are often protectors or guardians of the areas they live in. It's an aged tradition to pass the skills on from father to son or daughter.
20 The Gun Alchemists have a history lasting hundreds of years, utilizing technology and arcane runes to increase the capabilities of their ranged weapons. Recently with the invention of the pistol, they have adapted their abilities and skills to hone this unique weapon into something fearsome and deadly accurate. They are know for making impossible shots, even when unable to see their target, and are bound as one to their weapons. To cross a skilled gun alchemist is a good way to tempt fate and wind up dead, the last sound you hear is that of the crack of the gun.

Gun Alchemists in the Game[edit]

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