Guide to Making a Samurai (Teoryran World Supplement)

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Guide to Making a Samurai[edit]

Abilities: Samurai are fighters made of much strength, fine dexterity and educated intelligence. Samurai depend relatively less on constitution than other warriors, which means that may survive less punishment. Samurai fight with numbers and with strong decisive blows. Individually they rely on the first stike, balance the first hit versus evasion skill. In battle, samurai use complicated techniques using intelligence instead of using wisdom as most other classes do. This makes them seem blind or trance like as such they sacrifice some of their awareness.

Races: In The Red Shogunate, the Orks originally founded the samurai class; Since, elves and humans have joined the Shogunate and eventually become Samurai themselves. As long as they are of a noble class and trained since birth, most races that submit to vassalage within the shogunate and are nobles can become Samurais.

Alignment: any

Starting Gold: -starting gold; 2d10-×10 gp.

Starting Age: Select "Simple" or "As rogue", "Moderate" or "As fighter", or "Complex" or "As wizard", to let players know which starting age category to use for 1st-level characters.

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