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Guardian Heavy Plate Armour[edit]

Heavy Armor
Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
20,000 25 20 Disadvantage 200 lb.

This Armour is based on MKV Heresy Power Armour from Warhammer 40k, but in a medieval setting, losing most of it's futuristic abilities.

While wearing this armour the wielder suffers;

-3 to dexterity.

-10 from movement speed.

Unable to fly non-magically and unassisted.

Disadvantage on Stealth.

Difficult terrain takes double movement.

The wielder gains;

+5 to strength (Can not be added to strength requirement of the armour).

Resistance to fall damage.

Resistance to thunder damage.

Double carrying capacity.

User can breath under water for, 2d8xConsitution modifier, minutes.'

Guardian Heavy Plate Armour is a very advanced armour for it's time, often the life's work of a master smith or needing several smiths to work for years tirelessly to produce these hulking works of metal art and glory. Only the wealthiest of mortal kind wield this armour and even then it takes incredible amounts of strength to use properly. They are often incredibly personalized by the makers and wilder's of the armour and no true standard design exists for them. They must also be made for generalised sizes and not tailored specifically, but you can not wield Guardian armour if you 6 inches taller or shorter than the armours tailored size (the armour may be much bigger than that of it's tailored size).

The armour it's self consists of various overlapping and interlocking plates around the torso encased in a thinner shell to protect the components. On the upper back is a pack like object that acts as a ventilator and where most of the heavier duty gear and winch work is performed shows several vents and rolling gears hidden behind the thick welded plate. The arms and legs of the suits are an amalgamation of support struts and lifting chains bound with gears and winches between the casted plates. The boots of the armour are more akin to platforms with several hinges and axels than actual boots, having to hold it's the wielder higher so they may actually man the armour while also being made most of solid metal on the 'foot' section of the boot. The helmet is arguable the lightest piece of the armour, hosting a rebreather and a mechanism that seals to the torso section and rear ventilator section, it can be removed easily but will still be attached via the rebreather. Lastly the pauldrons, two massive rounded plates that cover most of the upper arm and all of the shoulders often the most customised sections of armour sometimes contains massive stubs that cause the plates to survive much more damage without any structural degradation. Underneath all the metal the user must wear some form of clothing that cover's everything back the head, this includes the neck and hands, as to prevent the armour from causing cuts and loss of skin from the interlocked and moving parts.

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