Greater Insight (5e Feat)

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Greater Insight

Prerequisites: A class that uses a point system or daily spell cost.
Increases stats for various classes ranging from warlocks that has a daily spell allowance or a Psi Stalker that uses Psion points to use their class features. This feat costs 2 feats or 4 ability score increases due to the effectiveness of this Feat. With your class choose up to 2 values (all spell levels from 1st to 9th count as 1 use) that can be increased by the x1.5 modifier rounded up. All eligible classes are able to use this feat.

  • Max points or uses for your class are increased by x1.5 rounded up and can only be used for one of your classes if you have a multiclass.
  • Once per long rest you can regain spell uses or class points after performing a 1 minute ritual. This feature does not stack if you have another feature already for your class that regains uses.

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