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What they lack in strength, they make up for in numbers. Goblins typically hate humans and will gleefully attack or rob wayfarers and caravans. While they are often beset by bickering, their hordes can pose a threat to any kingdom during the rare moments of harmony.

Alone, goblins could pose a threat to any novice city guard. This is probably due to a goblins lack of training and equipment. Anyone willing to employ goblins in battle typically do so for the numbers advantage and don't waste time in arming or training. However, goblins can be very intimidating on their own purely based off of their blatant disregard for pain and innate tenacity.

Physical Description[edit]

Most Ardanian goblins stand around 3-4ft, have green skin, pointed ears, large noses, and have little to no hair. Very few Goblins have ever been known to die of old age. A few scorned genealogists that have taken interest in the creatures hypothesize that the potential lifespan of a goblin could even be comparable to elves. No such findings have ever been tested or given much effort for research by the colleges. Due to the self-destructive culture of goblins, it is rare to find any older than 30. Though there have been isolated reports of finding goblin servants well over that age removed from their culture and locked away in wizard towers. The culture they are raised in is almost masochistic in that they will sacrifice their bodies to get what they want. Pain is merely another inconvenience. This suggests why they seem to have such high constitution and drive after being mortally injured compared to other sentient races.


Ardanian Goblins are mostly neutral or evil in alignment. Goblins crave structure and want to be told what to do. The more Chaotic goblins typically leave the tribe they belong to, or worse... they become leaders in it.


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