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Gnomes are filthy little creatures living in hovels that are easily mistaken for scrap heaps. Other races shun gnomes as a whole. In fact, if not for the gnomes skill at building and other labor, they would likely be treated as vermin much as the ratmen and goblins. However, humans allow gnomes to live in their settlements, although elves and dwarves hate them.

Physical Description[edit]

Gnomes are very short, standing only about 3 feet in height at the most. They have brown skin and hair, and are usually covered with a layer of dirt and other less pleasant substances. Gnomes have gangly limbs and rather large heads, eyes and ears. Male and female gnomes look very similar, to the point where other races can barely tell them apart. In fact, all gnomes look uncannily alike.

Racial Traits[edit]

gnomeportrait.gif gnome-hut.gif

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