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Lore: Gi'lstish'mal was created by the powerful Saiy'quen Ghilmalos, a great shadowcaster who had learned to meld her powers with the raw eldritch might of the warlock.

Description: Gi'lstish'mal appears to be a 6-inch length of highly polished, burnt bone. The surface of it is carved with intricate swirls and spirals that seem to ooze an oily smoke when brought into bright light.

Activation: Anyone may activate Gi'lstish'mal simply by holding it in their hand while they use an eldritch blast, or by having it on their person, depending on the desired affect.

Effect: When the wielder of Gi'lstish'mal uses an eldritch blast while it is in his hand, it deals an additional 10d6 points of damage, in addition, it is made with a +20 insight bonus on the attack roll. Also, Gi'lstish'mal grants it's wielder immunity to abiity drain and damage, as well as all mind-influencing effects while it is in their possession.

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