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Mildly Wild

Ger-Dagum is an island to the northwest of the Feral Nation. This island is that last free human holdout in this region. The people of Ger-Dagum fight frequent wars with the Feral Nation. They firmly hope that they can beat back the Feral Nation threat.

This land is strong with a Fey who are stranger and far more dangerous than the Feral Nation.

The land itself is rich in ruins and rich in terrors. The land has many mysteries and many treasures. Ruins seem to lie around every turn, and under every hill.


Name: Ger-Dagum
Planar Size: Large Plane
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Independent
Government Type: Monarchy
Other Organizations: None
Capital: Scyld
Languages: Common, Elven
Religion: Charystan
Patron Deity: [[(DnD Deity)|]]
Resources: Amber, Fish, Yew
Important Locations:



There were many kingdoms in and around Ger-Dagum in antiquity. Many stories tell of the strange adventure in these lands. The people were all Gealts, speaking old Gealt. The lands were wild then, and these people carved their kingdoms from these fey lands.


Ger-Dagum was dominated by the Black Alliance during the Crusade of Light. These forces were not pushed out until Thule himself conquered this land.


Ger-Dagum settled somewhat during the great empires. She was part of the Griffon Empire. She always fought against the wild to keep civilization standing against this land. Her darker days became forgotten, but many dark creatures remained in her wood from those days. Ever the people remembered, setting out morsels lest they fall to the creatures that lived there.


When the Griffon Empire collapsed and the Feral Nation arose, Ger-Dagum was left to stand on her own. She was cut off from all other lands, save by sea.


Ger-Dagum assembles an army every year to repel the immanent threat of the Feral Nation. Over the last few years, the have repelled multiple landings. Every year, the raids and the assaults grow worse. The goblins have slowly learned sea warfare.

They Fey have become more active. Rarely a year goes by when an astonishing story of the audacious fey does not circulate.

Planar Information[edit]

The capital of Ger-Dagum once boasted a gate, but it was stolen after the Griffon Empire fell and has not been recovered.

The climate of the island is wet and cool. The forests are lush and thick. Many animals inhabit the lands, including wolves, bears, deer, and boar. Much of the land is forested.

Politics and People[edit]

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Major Landmarks[edit]

  • South Coast
  • North Coast
  • The Channel
  • Yew Mountains
  • Great Circle of Stones

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Negociate a treaty with the fey.
  • Find the gatestone for Ger-Dagum.
  • Repel a Feral Nation raiding party.
  • Destroy an ancient horror released from a tomb.
  • Quest for a long-lost object.

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