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Genetic Librarian

Prerequisites: 13 or higher Constitution, 15 or higher Intelligence, and you must be an assimilitant
As an extraordinarily-intelligent assimilitant, you have turned your mind's focus inward towards the complex system that is your lifeblood. In doing so, you have figured out how to browse, manipulate, and utilize the many different genetic codes that lie dormant within you. You gain the following benefits:

  • During a short rest, you may fill any empty Expression Slots or replace an Expressed Trait with a Trait retrieved from your Genetic Library.
  • Upon the completion of the Assimilation of a Trait, instead of being forced to Express it immediately, you can instead place it directly into your Genetic Library.
  • If you are able to perform Genetic Boon, instead of the dispelled Trait having to be Expressed, you can draw the Trait directly from your Genetic Library. The Trait is still permanently expunged from your genetic code, however.

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