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Gauntlet of Subduing: Gauntlets of subduing were originally created to help understaffed town guards subdue dangerous fugitives without resorting to anything... permanent. The gauntlets appear as bright chain mail gloves, with a plate embossed with a lightning bolt on the back of the hand. When activated, by punching somebody with the thumb on top of the fist(a touch attack), the gauntlet releases a nonlethal electrical charge, dealing 6d6 nonlethal electric damage, in additon to the standard damage from an unarmed strike. Gauntlets of subduing used with heavy armor reduce the armor's AC bonus by 1, leave the AC from medium armor unaltered, and add 1 to the AC of light armor, due to the change in the amount of protection offered by the gauntlets vs. standard gloves. Usable up to three times per day.


Gauntlets of subduing can be used one at a time. Doing so will remove the aforementioned adjustment to AC, as the difference is now negligible. Also, These gauntlets are commonly used in conjunction with a shield, however doing so will require a character to forfeit the bonus to AC provided by the shield until their next turn

DM's Note

Gauntlets of subduing are a favorite among priests and paladins of Heironeus, and can even be crafted in such a way that the plate on the back of the hand functions as a holy symbol, meaning characters don't have to hold the symbol instead of a weapon or shield. The cost of these gauntlets is increased by 150 gp.

CL 6; Craft Wondrous item, lightning bolt, cure light wounds; Cost 12,000 gp

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