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Gadgeteer's Ring: This strange ring appears to be made of solid red fire, yet it emits no heat and sheds no light. The rings themselves are the crafted remains of a void elemental who died from the implosion spell. The wearer of this ring may pay gold any time they would normally have to pay Experience at an exchange rate of 1 exp. = 25 gold pieces or anything else with appropriate value and mass. The exchange need not be gold, the ring converts material into a state of energy that can be used like Experience for crafting purposes and so the first creator of this type of ring Gladiola Gadgeteer used it for such. Her grandson Gustaf Gadgeteer used the very same ring to turn large amounts of stone into Experience and then spent that Experience to tunnel through the western mountains of Klatch. Her great granddaughter Lady Malissair Gadgeteer is known throughout the kingdoms of Klatch and Umbervald and even as far away as Trenton for her magicaly spiced wines. In an interview Lady Gadgeteer admitted to converting fruit to the crafting Experience.

strong transmutation transmutation;CL ; true creation, craft ring, and 56 ranks in craft void.; Cost 115,000 gold; Weight: 1/2 lb.

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