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What is Frozen Ruin?[edit]

The result of an evil ceremony celebrating wickedness and vice and culminating in copulation with an Ice Devil (Gelugon), the Frozen Ruin descends immediately upon a wide area and causes huge amounts of death and bizarre and wanton evil activity. After the ceremony is completed, the area is immediately dropped to very cold temperatures, generally about 10 degrees below freezing. The air takes on a blue tint and large drops of snow continually fall from the sky, which quickly creates a winter landscape. Further, all outdoor plants, structures, etc. in the area are coated with a layer of ice at least one centimeter thick within an hour. For any organic beings, this nearly always results in death. Finally, all creatures within the area must continually fight off an insidious mental effect or succumb to frenzy in which they act utterly without moral inhibitions or sense of self-preservation. Generally, this means unrestrained sexual activity, including with multiple partners and often outside in the frozen landscape (which usually leads to death).

Game Rules[edit]

Area: 10d10 square miles.

Duration: 2d6 days.

Deep Freeze: The temperature drops to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, so creatures might freeze to death. Further, everything outdoors is coated with a thick layer of ice within an hour of constant exposure. The air takes on a blue tint and large drops of snow fall from the sky.

Cabin Fever: All living creatures within the area except evil outsiders must make a Will Save (DC 18) every 10 minutes or succumb to an effect similar to a Confusion spell except that the possible actions all involve immoral actions, including assault, sexual assault, uninhibited sexual promiscuity, and wild orgasmic dancing naked in the outdoors.

d% Behavior
01–10 Act normally.
11–60 Engage in wild sexual activity for 2d12 minutes.
61–80 Become utterly enraged and willing to fight to the death over the slightest wrong.
81–100 Remove all clothing and dance outside for 1d10 minutes.

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