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Monstrous possession
5th-level Necromancy (ritual)
Casting time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Components: V,S,M(Jade, Obsidian, Ruby, or Saffire worth 400gp which the spell consumes on the attempt)
Duration: Instantaneous

Spend one Minute attempting to force the essence of a different creature into a badly damaged monstrosity. The starting monster must have less then 10% health and have a challenge rating at least 2 below the level of the spell slot being used (CR3 at 5th level, CR5 at 7th, etc.). The monster must fail a constitution saving throw (against your spellcasting) to be possessed. On a successful save the spell fails, the gem is destroyed and the caster takes (caster level)d4 damage. If the possession is successful the new creature makes a wisdom saving throw, on a failed save the creature is charmed by you and learns one language of your choice. On a successful save the creature learns a language from its own plain and acts in accordance with it's new nature: Undead attempt to destroy the living, Fey seek nature and the protection of it, Feinds and Celestials seek to further evil or good respectably (caster rolls a 1d4 on anything but a 4 the creature is hostile to the caster and will attempt to kill them before anything else). The new creature can chose to attempt to make a new wisdom saving throw once a month (a new spirit will always attempt the first saving throw, undead will always attempt the saving throw unless there are no fully living party members). If the creature fails three saves they are permenatly charmed(unless possessed by a fiend or celestial which can make a new saving throw each year from the third failed save). If the creature is damaged by you or your allies before being permanently charmed, the creature gets a free saving throw attempt that does not count towards charming the spirit. If the creature succeeds a any of its saving throws the spirit is released and the monster is destroyed. The type of spirit is determined by the gem used (Jade=Fey, Obsidian=Undead, Ruby=Feind, Saffire=Celestial). Only two creatures can be possessed and they must be of different but not opposing alignments (Undead-Fey, Feind-Celestial) may be controlled. For any second attempted possession the monster or possessed creature has advantage on all saving throws and will never be permenatly charmed. You may attempt to move the charmed spirit to a new monstrosity instead (following CR restrictions). The monstrosity has advantage on the constitution saving throw but a permanently charmed spirit will not make any further saving throws. The original creature is completely destroyed on any attempt and the spirit is released on a successful saving throw of the new monstrosity. [Possessed creatures cannot possess (example:Yakfolk), shape shifters have advantage on constitution saving throws, monstrositys that have resistance or immunity to charm cannot be charmed in this manner. While different different party members can attempt possession independently Feinds and celestial creatures will always remain hostile to each other.]

At Higher Levels. May be cast at higher level spell slot, but only using a spell slot of 7th level or 9th level (The Jemstone must be worth at least 800gp for 7th level and at least 1,200gp at 9th level.

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