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Wondrous item, Rare

This green flask fills each dawn with exactly a pint of a random liquid, as based on the table, this liquid disapears at dawn to make way for the next batch. The flask stops producing liquid if the flask is cracked or the cork is not in the neck of the bottle at dawn. Any items within the flask disappear to the astral plane.

Spawn Table[edit]

liquid D100
Liquid astasine 01-08
Water 09-20
Wine 21-28
Oil 29-36
Troll urine 37 - 50
Healing potion 51-55
Acid 56-59
Superchilled water 60-67
Liquid Silver 68-74
Mercury 74-80
Liquid Magic 80-85
Nitroglycerin 85-95
Stygian water 96-98
Universal solvent 99
Liquid Gold 100


Liquid astasine[edit]

The flask produces a substantial amount of heat when it contains this liquid. When the flask is opened, all creatures within 100 feet receive 10d6+10 fire damage, all creatures within 300 feet receive 4d6+5 fire damage if they fail a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw. The surrounding area is completely destroyed.


A pint of spring water


A pint of wine, varies in flavor but always of a high quality


The flask serves the same function as a flask of oil

Troll urine[edit]

A pint of foul smelling urine, the creature consuming this must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or become severely nauseous for 1d20 hours.

Healing potion[edit]

The flask has the same function as a potion of healing. Roll 1d4 to determine the rarity of the potion.


The flask serves the same purpose as a vial of acid

Superchilled water[edit]

The flask is very cold when it contains this liquid.Similar to vial of acid but the target receives 2d6 cold damage.

Liquid Silver[edit]

A pint of silver. Coagulates 10 minutes after being removed from the flask. The silver left is worth 50GP.


A pint of Mercury. If this liquid comes into contact with a creature it causes 1d4 poison damage. If it comes into contact with a food this trait is passed on to it.

Liquid magic[edit]

A pint of magical water. The flask turns into a chromatic colour when it contains this liquid. If it comes into contact with a creature all it's spell slots are renewed. If it is an item it turns to a common or uncommon magical item of the DM's chosing. Gloves being exposed to it may become gloves of swimming and climbing for example.


A pint of clear, explosive liquid. If the liquid is ignited, all creatures within 50 feet must make a Dexterity saving throw or be the target of 4d6 fire damage.

Stygian Water[edit]

A pint of dark, thick liquid. If this comes into contact with a Celestial it causes 4d6 necrotic damage. If it comes into contact with Undead or a Demon it heals 3d6+2 HP.

Liquid Gold[edit]

A pint of liquid gold. It coagulates 20 minutes after being removed from the flask. The gold left is worth 2000 GP.

Universal solvent[edit]

A pint of clear, strong smelling liquid. This dissolves anything other then the interior of the flask. This includes objects, terrain and creatures. If the liquor is splashed with a range of 5 feet the creature must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or lose a limb based on a 1d4 roll.

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