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Flahjje, shapeshifting felis god/goddess of the hunt[edit]

Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Death, Nature
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Prounounced "flaw-j" like the end syllable of "camoflage."

Flahjje spent most of their adult life trapped in a near empty pocket universe. While Flahjje was tracking a powerful spirit, a door opened between the verdant Raesokera and the strange half formed dark world into which the spirit fled. Being a skilled hunter Flahjje was able to follow and captured the spirit, only to have the door between worlds close and trap them in the darkness. Cut off from the natural worlds, Flahjje calls for help but no other gods answer. Too preoccupied with the unleashing of the foreign peoples and the plagues and destruction that followed, the gods left Flahjje to suffer alone. However this deity of the hunt did not give in to despair. In the infinite possibilities of the dark world Flahjje developed their powers and grew stronger so that when the bestial races of Raesokera came to power the god was strong enough to call to them and the people answered. Hunters and those of the bestial races atuned to nature can hear Flahjje, and often spend their lives traveling to create ties between their worlds and Flahjje’s prison, so that one day the pocket realm will open again.

Flahjje knows little about the current state of the world outside their own save what their disciples tell them. Because humans, dwarves, orcs, gnomes and other humanoids who migrated to Raesokera caused the gods to ignore their initial pleas for help, Flahjje tends to distrust these races and the other gods. Their disciples tend to be of the races more connected to nature such as aarakocra, firbolg, lizardfolk, centaurs and tortles, as well as people who have been outcast or abandoned by society such as tieflings. A relationship with Flahjje, while physically demanding, since the deity asks their disciples to travel almost constantly to plant lightscythes which strengthen their connection to the other worlds, can be very rewarding as the god has a deep appreciation for those working to free them and shower them with magic , especially spells relating to nature. Flahjje is worshipped through the creation and planting of the lightscythes which keep them connected to the worlds outside their prison. Lightscythes can be made from anything but are most powerful when made from something sacrificed from the hunt such as bone, antler or a favorite weapon.

Flahjje is a shapeshifter and has no true form. Their favored shape is that of a deer, the creature they remember best from the lands of the light.

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