Firing Into Melee (5e Variant Rule)

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Firing Into Melee[edit]

Shooting a ranged weapon into the middle of a chaotic melee is risky, and this rule system is intended to reflect that. When a creature makes a ranged weapon or spell attack against a creature or object, and there is at least one other creature or object within 5 feet of the creature's intended target, roll a die to determine where the attack lands, based on the target's size as shown below. Assign a 5-foot space adjacent to the target to each die face. If the result indicates the attack falls in a space occupied by a creature or object, then the creature which made the original attack must make a new attack roll, applying the result against that creature or object. If the result of the die roll indicates the attack falls in an empty space, on the other hand, then the attack is simply a clean miss.

Target's size (die roll)

  • Tiny: d2 (50% chance of missing, 50% chance of hitting a creature or object the target is sharing a space with)
  • Small or Medium/5x5 space: d8
  • Large/10x10 space: d12
  • Huge/15x15 space: d16
  • Gargantuan/20x20 space: d20

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