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Physical Description[edit]

Ex-machina all have a pair of mechanical wings along their back, some have it on their shoulders, some the middle, others have their pair along the small of their back. The color of their wings and the rest of their mechanical peices on their bodies varies depending on the types of alloy they are constructed from. They have mechanical pieces along their bodies such as along the torso, near the ears, biceps, and any other vital areas of the body. Their eyes are mechanical as is their entire body, with flesh covering their mechanical frame like an exoskeleton. Their eyes are usually varying colors and change depending on mood, an analysis being made, etc. Thin and frail as well, the Ex-machina were built to look frail and weak, even though they excel in combat. All Ex-machina wear a mechanical halo which is tilted to the side. Some other races believe this is because it acts as a radar dish of some sort to relay information to the hive mind. Ex-machina are generally sexless, however, if given a name, they can take on the role of a gender.


Before the Great War, they were created by Horou, the god of Doubt, to answer her own endless question. The legend has never been spoken. During the great war, the Ex-Machina maintained a non-intervention policy with two exceptions. The first was a skirmish with a small party of Dragonia, which lead to Schwi Dola redirecting enemy fire at, and destroying, Riku’s Village. The second occurred after Shuvi shared her “heart” with the Ex-Machina’s collective mind, during the battle she lost against the Flügel, Jibril, which motivated an approximate 15,000 Ex-Machina units lead by Einithi to aid in the Spieler's crusade. By keeping all combat personals occupied and slaying Artosh, the Ex-Machina enabled Riku to summon the Star Cup.

Despite the end of the war and the beginning of the Ten Pledges, the cybernetic entity never found achievement: Only 5 female units including Ymirein escaped their opponents while the other 4802 units were literally evaporated under their arsenals. Almost all of the rest 9177 units perished in their encounter with the god of War and his Valkyries. Most of all, the one they loved is gone forever. Leaving the few survivors of the entire 10th race wandering around the world which they created, with their intelligential part permanently broken. Bounded by a hardware lock: find their loved one even in the cost of extinction. And also, with no country, the remaining Ex-Machina wander all of Disboard.


the society of the Ex-Machinas is that of a hive mind but if an Ex-Machina splits of from the hive mind it will adopt a similar society as what ever race the have had the most contact with.

Ex-Machina Names[edit]

Ex-Machina are usually known by their designations or numbers. Ex-machina can also have a name of their own if given to them by some other creature.

Ex-Machina Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2, Intelligence score increases by 3, Constitution score increases by 2, Charisma score increases by 2 and Wisdom score increases by 2.
Age. You don't age as you are a machine. your also a construct. As a construct you do not need food, water or sleep but you can rest if you want for a total of 4 hours
Alignment. you are generally chaotic-neutral but you can be any alignment if you have separated from the hive mind
Size. your size is medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 40 feet, you have a hover speed of 60 feet and a flight speed of 100 feet.
Dark Vision. you have dark vision of 60 feet
Hive Mentality. Ex-machina is a race of AI that acts accordingly to a hive collective. Due to this hive mentality, Ex-machina gain bonuses which allow them to process and understand things more quickly. Ex-machina when making any skill check with Intelligence or Wisdom roll at advantage as the hive collective aids in the processing of the information the Ex-machina is absorbing.
Replication. Due to their nature of living in clusters and sharing a linked mind, as well as their AI-like nature, they have superior calculation abilities and communication usually takes no more than 3 seconds. It is said that they are able to replicate any attack launched at them in less than 10 seconds after seeing it. With their mechanical body, the Ex-machina can instantly construct any object used to attack them or emulate any spell cast at them, disregarding spell level. Any item replicated is immediately destroyed after 1 round of use. Any spell emulated is recorded and stored for later use. The stored spells an Ex-machina can have are equal to the Ex-machina's Intelligence and Wisdom Modifier combined. When an Ex-machina uses this Replication, they must use their Standard Action or Attack of Opportunity.
Mechanical Halo. Ex-machina also have what appears to be a halo above their heads, on a slant, but it's more mechanical than a plain old ring, and it lights up anything in a 10 ft radius when it's total darkness. This is also the Ex-machina magic and spell source. The more powerful a spell an Ex-machina appears the larger the Halo will grow and glow
Spirit Circuits. As an Ex-machina whenever there is an antimagic field, they become very uneasy and get a -2 to all their rolls depending on Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. This does not affect the Ex-machina when using Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, or Intimidate due to the Ex-machina's Adaptive Speaking ability. They also lose their ability of flight, however, if they fall from a height where they would take damage, they take only 1 point of non-lethal due to this being a usual thing, they have grown accustomed to it (This effect also works when the Ex-machina falls unconscious mid-air).
wall walk. An Ex-machina may also simply walk on walls as if it was with a spider climb effect, without the speed penalty (as long as it can fly).
Heart of Machines. In unique situations, Ex-machina can break off from their hive and clusters. Though they do not have the entire hive mind at their disposable they gain something that rivals their power; a heart. If an Ex-machina is no longer a part of the hive mind they gain the "heart algorithm." When this takes effect, they gain all bonuses from the ability "Hive Mentality" even though they are not a part of the hive mind anymore.
Adaptive Reflexes. Ex-machina are machines, Living Constructs built to answer their god's questions. Each unit posses the ability of Fast Healing 3/round. In an anti-magic field, this ability is negated
Adaptive Speaking. Ex-machina possess this unique ability as an AI. When any creature speaks to an Ex-machina or when an Ex-machina reads any form of language, the Ex-machina can analyzing the language and attempt to learn it in 3 minutes. The Ex-machina must make a Decipher Language skill check (a new skill specifically for Ex-machina). The DC for this skill depends on how complex the language of the creature the Ex-machina is trying to understand, this difficulty is determined by the DM.
Languages. Ex-machina, Celestial, Common and one more language of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 6″ +2d4 150 lb. × (3d6) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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