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Eversong Woods[edit]

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Homeland to the Blood Elves, Eversong Woods has got three Key Towns: Falconwing Square, an area located in the southeastern corner of the Ruins of Silvermoon; Fairbreeze Village,a small town in southern Eversong Woods just west of The Dead Scar; and Silvermoon City, the capital city of the Blood Elves. The Blood Elf storyline starts on Sunstrider Isle, where the amount of Mana Wyrm guardians has gone out of hand and you are tasked with diminishing their total. Also a couple of Lynxes and Tender gardeners have gone mad and need to be put down. Then your masters learn about the location of Felendren the Banished, one of the Wretched that could not control their use of magic. You need to seek him out and retrieve his head. Guarding him are Wraiths. After you have dealt with the traitor you are send to Falconwing Square. Here a bounty warning can be found for Thaelist's Head. This ringleader of the Wretched can be found somewhere in the Ruins of Silvermoon. Next you aid the Rangers defending the Dead Scar against undead beings, defeat Murlocs at the western shore, fight of a Amani Invasion at Tor'Watha and prepare to travel into the Ghostlands.

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