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<!- Setting ->[edit]

The main continent of the Everrift setting is Valushil. It is a mixture of High Fantasy, Intrigue, and Swords and Sorcery. The Everrift is a portal torn in the world that shows up every five hundred years or so and heroes must rise to either greet the great beings who bring boons from the upper planes or fend off the threats from the other realms. It must be closed, but always returns eventually. What plane it opens to is always a mystery.


The gods of Everrift are varied and worshipped by the peoples who brought them. Humans worship the gods of the Celts, Egyptians, Norse, and Greek of Earth. The elves worship their ancestral gods. Dwarves theirs. etc.


The tlincallis of Volo's Guide are an important part of the world. Their hunting grounds are above the sand-filled ruins that hold the secrets of the Everrift. The Races of the world are often detached, with only a few individuals leave their homelands to live among other races.


To the far west lies the Shatterstep Isles, the home of gnomes, kobolds, and human refugees. It is a place of inventiveness and creativity pushed to help others. The Mordavian Empire is made up mostly of humans. The land used to be a group of disparate nations at constant war. This led to the barren wasteland it is today. The large amount of corpses from these wars were used by a cabal of necromancers who created an army to overthrow those nations, forging an empire. Many fled for the Shatterstep Isles. South of there is the Riverlands, a lush, hilly land where halflings live as farmers, ranchers, and other livelihoods that benefit their close-knit villages. Even farther south is the jungle kingdom of Axuitlan, where tribes of tabaxi constantly live in fear of the yuan-ti and their lizardfolk slaves. The lizardfolk that are not enslaved live a nomadic lifestyle, trying to stay one step ahead of their beaten-down brethren. To the northeast of there is the Southern Plains. Orcs and thri-kreen live at war for the rights to hunting creatures that do not show up anywhere else. North of there is the Sea of Dust. Once a great tlincalli empire stood here, but for reasons unknown, the civilization fell and the descendants live atop the lost ruins, hiding from the cold nights and sweltering days, a shadow of their former glory. Northwest of there is the Midlands, a land of mountains where reclusive dwarves live in their clans. Little else is known, due to the insularity of the dwarves. East lies the Valaea Valley, where elves live in quiet meditation and training for the skirmishes against their drow adversaries from the Dark Below. To the far east is the Dawn Kingdom, where a host of goblinoids overthrew the dragonborn society there and established a fragmented regime where many hobgoblin warlords send bugbears and goblins to their deaths in petty land disputes. All the while, the dragonborn live in the Dark Below, planning on returning and reclaiming their lands. Below it all is the Dark Below, a labyrinth of caverns that hosts dragonborn as well as all the races the Underdark of other worlds have. The main difference is the close nature of it. Few caverns reach taller than fifteen feet naturally, and luminescent fungi and mosses ensure it is as bright as a starry night in most places. The races down here lost the sunlight sensitivity their otherworldly counterparts have.


The first four thousand years are largely unknown. The creator being is believed to have died and their body floating around the Astral Plane. The thri-kreen and tlincalli were around before the end of this Primal Era, leading many to believe that they came from a singular insectoid race who were the original inhabitants. By the end of this Era, the tlincalli empire had risen, leading to the next Era. The Era of Scorpions was a period of about two thousand years where the tlincalli empire grew to great power in magic and culture before an unknown force brought it crumbling down. The thri-kreen were subjugated and never gained the civilization they would have probably had otherwise. The Era of Pilgrimage was a period of one thousand years where the other races (orcs, humans, elves, dwarves, lizardfolk, tabaxi, yuan-ti, goblinoids, etc.) all came through portals to Valushil. This is when the discovery of the Everrift led to the spread of the races as they fled from the forces of the planes. After then, they created their civilizations and led separate existences. The Current Era has gone by for over three thousand years, (CE 3044) with the world ending up in its current landscape. During one Everrift incursion, a ki-rin came through and placed himself as the guardian against future incursions. None know where he lives, but most show deference to the ki-rin, Liraen. The next Everrift incursion has been rumored to have begun, with nine fallen paladins known as the Knights of Baator seeking to subjugate all of Valushil. The common response to these claims is, "If that's true, where is Liraen?" But it is true, and no one knows where the ki-rin has gone.

For DMs[edit]

I left lots of open questions that you can answer. Where did the Everrift come from? Where is Liraen? You can answer this for yourself. I also recommend creating a new druid circle for those from the Mordavian Empire. It would be Wasteland and have circle spells Blindness/Deafness and Ray of Enfeeblement at level 3, Animate Dead and Vampiric Touch at level 5, Blight and Confusion at level 7, and Insect Plague and Contagion at level 9. 

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