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Energy Control (Con; Trained Only)[edit]

Check: Using this skill a character can engulf her hands in an energy type and the character deals damage with a touch. This energy type is chosen when gaining this skill, fire, electricity, cold, acid, sonic, force, metal, microwaves or gravity(Darkness) are the energy types that a character can choose from. Once the choice has been made the character can not change this choice.

The character gains an unarmed strike that deals normal damage for the character plus additional energy damage shown on the table below. The character can make the attack as if she was proficient in unarmed combat. The effect last for 1 round per character level or untill the character dismisses the effect as a free action.

Damage Check DC
1d6 per 2 character levels 10
1d6 per character level 20

Special: Using this skill does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

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