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"A world far beyond your own, mortal human, lies a world of magic manifested. Now choose. Do you leave this world and enter into danger or remain here and wonder what would have happened?"

Empyria is a world of magic and wonder. A world of danger and peril. Empyria is a world within magic itself.

The world was formed in the primal magic energy from eons before our time. This magic grew stronger and more powerful, growing the world of Empyria with it. The magic force imbued everything from the soil to the air to the magma underneath to the stars above. Then life was somehow, no one has found out how exactly, sparked and these life forms carried magic in their veins.

Sentient creatures arose from violent sparks and thus arose the races of Empyria. First the celestials, then the elementals then the fey, then all the others but the fiends. The fiends, unlike the rest, came from a catastrophic result of a magical spark gone terribly wrong.

As time went on magic became wild and violent, instead of calming as many thought it would...

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