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Eliksni (Destiny Fallen)[edit]

"Listen long enough and you will hear stories of great Eliksni heroes. When the Great Machine was still with us." Variks, House of Judgement

Physical Description[edit]

The Eliksni Biology

The Eliksni are four-armed, four-eyed bipeds with generally insectoid physiology. Their skin is purplish-grey with darker growths of partial exoskeletal plating in addition to an internal skeleton. Their eyes are bioluminescent and usually blue. Typical individuals are similar in size to humans, but can grow to much greater stature with sufficiently abundant nutriment. Their physical appearance is not particularly distinct from one individual to the next, and they recognize one another (as well as individuals of other species) primarily by scent rather than sight. Even with that there sight is adapted to low light conditions, also in their mouths are two rows of sharp, knife-like teeth, making them lean far more to a carnivorous diet.


Ether is a white, gaseous substance that is relied upon heavily by the Eliksni. It can be extracted from all forms of metal in mass quantities by a Servitor but Eliksni have learned magic to convert metal this way themselves, albeit in a much smaller scale but enough to sustain them. Ether is essential to the survival of an Eliksni, and in large enough quantities it is also what triggers their growth, once they advance in there growth cycle they will need to increase there daily Ether intake or risk devolving to a lower state, if they can increase there Ether intake as it was before they devolved they grow back to that stage. If an Eliksni is in there lowest form, which is know as a Dreg, goes a week or so without Ether will die.

Growth Cycle

An Eliksni life starts as a Hatchling, as vulnerable as just about any other baby of most species. In this stage there growth is similar to a Human, they don't reach late adolescent until the age of 18. Afterwards though there growth changes and at this age they are formally known as a "Dreg", now in this stage they must pull there own weight for the House they serve until they are worthy of more Ether rations, whether they grow to the next stage or not, if they haven't pulled there own weight by the time they grow to the next stage they slowly devolve back into a dreg, there potential locked until they can aid the House properly. If a Dreg has proved worthy by the time they grow to the next stage they will be granted more Ether Rations to maintain this part of there growth known as a Vandal. The same rules apply as before in there previous growth, but if they slack off enough they will lose there right to be given enough Ether to maintain there current form, so now as they grow they must work harder and harder each form to earn and hold the right to maintain it.

The next form being known as a Captain are bigger and stronger than vandals and due to the fact that nearly all Eliksni maintaining this form are experienced warriors they make up for most of the upper command structure of there military. After captains come Archons, there are few worthy of maintaining this part of there growth cycle, they make up of the entirety of the commanders and Generals of there military commanding entire armies, they tower over Humans and there lower brethren easily, some of these archons prefer a quieter life and become priests of there species religion, others a mix, becoming war priests of the military, supporting there troops on the frontline with heavy ordnance and keeping there morale up by letting them know the "Great Machine" sees them as worthy warriors. Then finally at the end of there growth cycle they grow into what is known as a "Kell" They are the biggest and strongest of the Eliksni and there is only ever one Kell in House at a time and serve as the leader of there house.


The Eliksni are few in number compared to the rest of the races of the world but aren't endangered thankfully, still a rare sight though. But the Eliksni are known isolationist and stick to the mountains and Valleys providing a colder temperature suitable for them. They have cities built into the mountain sides and small villages dotted about in there territory. Due to there isolationism political relations with other nations soured due to bandits of there species rising in number in other countries and being the worst offender to the dwarves as the bandits raided there trade routes for there cities and other countries so much it escalated to full blown war. This war was known as The Northern War, it was a conflict that lasted for 200 years, no side gaining or losing ground, each time one side would the other would push back harder. After 200 years the Kells of Eliksni Houses met with the Dwarven leadership and made a albeit shaky but so far lasting peace. In exchange the dwarves would supply them a share of the metal they mine so the Eliksni could have there Servitors convert it into Ether and the Eliksni would defend any dwarven trade route from bandits.

For ancient history the only other large scale war they had with a outside force was with The Scorn. The Scorn were undead Eliksni led by an evil necromancer, Belrik the Defiled, he was Eliksni that was banished for desecrating the dead and stealing Ether from the other houses for his Necromantic experiments. When he arrived Chelchis, The Kell of Stone met his army with his in the Valley of Iron. The battle waged on for weeks but it was a losing battle for Chelchis and his army until the Great Machine arrived and blessed him and his warriors with incredible power, making a single soldier easily worth a thousand of them. The tide had turned in the House of Stone's army and there Kell but the battle wasn't won without great sacrifice. Chelchis sacrificed himself in the end to save the rest of his army and all Eliksni by trading fatal blows with Belrik the Defiled. The legend of Chelchis and his Army's heroic stand is still told today, thousands of years later.


Fierce and Fanatical

Eliksni organize themselves into houses led by the ruthless Kells. House unity is fickle as the Eliksni will only follow power. If a Kell exhibits weakness, their followers will abandon them. As fickle as house unity is, house alliances are more so. To Eliksni, an alliance is a unity of two houses and two Kells cannot rule together. Only in the most desperate of circumstances will they align with another house and part ways non violently.

Houses and Kells

Houses are organized into a strict hierarchy with the Kells at the top. The Kell determines the actions of a house and what their ideals are. The house works to please the Kell, as it is the duty of the house to operate as the Kell sees fit. Kells become Kells by performing heroic acts. It is possible for a Captain to rise to Kellhood and challenge the existing Kell for the right to lead. The challenge ends when one Kell lies dead. Of all the houses, House of Winter, House of Stone, House of Devils, and House of Wolves are the largest. The others are small but they are the House of Judgement, House of Kings, House of Rain, House of Scar, House of Dusk and House of Salvation

Eliksni Names[edit]

Eliksni name themselves after they reach the rank of vandal. In Eliksni culture, having a name is great honor. It is a sign that you are no longer at the bottom of the chain of command as a dreg. Eliksni sounds harsh and contains many consonants and growling noises. Eliksni lack lips and have two rows of sharp teeth, leading them to have difficulty with specific sounds in other languages because of their differing anatomy. One particular feature of the language that can make it almost impossible for other races to speak is the inclusion of guttural clicking noises, which may still be heard when Eliksni speak other languages.

Eliksni also has its own script, which consists of an alphabet and letters that can be fused in pairs, such as when two of the same consonant would be written side by side. Letters are mostly simple, perhaps only containing a single stroke with a curve or a straight line and circle.


Draksis, Greyor, Kaliks, Saviks, Skoriks, Aksor


Beltrik, Drevis, Peekis, Pirsis

Eliksni Traits[edit]

Abilities: One ability score of your choice increases by 2 and another of your choice increases by 1.

Age: Eliksni may age at the same rate as humans early on in there life but after that they age extremely slow, some but very few in number, Eliksni are well over 1,000 years old, 1,500 years is the oldest an Eliksni has ever lived too.

Alignment: Eliksni believe in a pecking order of sorts and follow that chain of command, so most Eliksni are Lawful.

Size: Eliksni even as Dregs are taller than humans but as they grow, they easily tower over humans easily. Your size varies depending on the growth cycle. Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet. You also have a climbing speed equal to your walking speed.


Due to the evolution of the Eliksni from residing in mountain caves and such, they have Darkvision. They can see in dim light within 60 feet as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. They can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Four Arms

Eliksni have two upper and two lower arms, they wield weapons with the upper arms but not the lower ones without training. However they can interact with and carry small objects with the lower arms. They are also used for assistance in climbing thus giving them a climbing speed as fast as there walking speed.

Ether Reliance

The Eliksni have relied on this gaseous white substance for eons and still do, every day you must consume a number of Ether Rations needed to survive or maintain your form if you have grown above a Dreg. The number of Ether rations that is needed to be consumed to either survive or maintain that part of there growth cycle are as follows.

Dreg: One Ether Ration per day

Vandal: Two Ether Rations per day

Captain: Four Ether Rations per day

Archon: Six Ether Rations per day

Kell: Eight Ether Rations per day

If a Eliksni goes a week without consuming the needed amount of Ether Rations or any Ether Rations at all they will devolve to a lower growth cycle, they need to consume the needed amount a day for that part of there growth cycle for at least five days a week, if they miss any more days than that they risk devolving. If this happens Roll a d100 and on a 49 or lower they devolve if they missed more than two days in the week, If they haven't consumed Ether at all that week they automatically devolve. If a Dreg doesn't consume any Ether for a week the following week they will gain a level of exhaustion per day they go with out consuming Ether. These Exhaustion levels will not go away until they can consume a single Ether Ration every day for a week. You could label this as Ether Deprived in a way but it has the same effects of Exhaustion does.

Growth Cycle Beginning at 1st level, you are a Dreg. You are weak and little, but you have potential for growth. Your form will change at 5th level, then again at 9th, 13th, and 17th, when your proficiency increases. Other traits from this class will change depending on which form you are in.

Dreg Your size is Small.

Vandal You take this form at 5th level. Your size is now Medium and you gain 50lbs weight and half a foot in height due to your more developed Exoskeleton and Internal Skeleton Growth.

Captain You take this form at 9th level. Your size is still medium but you gain another 50lbs weight and half a foot in height once again due to another spike in your Growth. You now gain a +1 to health every time you level up (This is Retroactive) as long as you maintain this form, if you devolve you lose any additional health you have earned from this trait until you regain this form or higher. Also you are now eligible to start your own Eliksni House if you so desire

Archon At 13th level, your size becomes Large and you gain proficiency with heavy armor if you do not already have it. You now gain another 100lbs weight and add a full foot to your height, also the weight you can carry, pull, push and drag now doubles. If it would be double already then it becomes tripled.

Kell At 17th level, your growth into the peak of your race is complete. You now gain another 300lbs in weight due to your massive size and gain two additional feet in height and now your Exo-Skeleton and Internal-Skeleton become as hard as steel, you gain a +1 bonus to AC.

House Founding After you grow into a captain you will be eligible to found your own house if you so desire and don the title of Kell, but only in title of course at this stage. You may find other Eliksni and ask if they will join and depending on your house goals and morals they might join up. You will obviously want to have a home for your House and nobody will join unless you do. Obviously speak to the DM about this if you so desire to start your own house and work things out with them. But will your house be different? Will you allow people other than Eliksni join and shed off the Isolationism that the Eliksni hold to? Or will you stick there ways and only recruit Eliksni? The choice is yours, House Kell.

languages You can speak, read, and write Common and Eliksni. Eliksni is a flowing but guttural sounding language that's written using long curving letters that often connect to one another, even between words. Higher ranking Eliksni often use their arms to contextualize or emphasize words and meanings.

Eliksni Houses[edit]

Eliksni are separated by Houses and every house is different or similar in there own way. You MUST choose a "Subrace".

House of Devils[edit]

This house makes up the Majority of the Offensive Eliksni military and are known for there ferociousness in combat, there house color is a Red.

Rigorous Combat Training

You gain proficiency in the Athletics skill.

Weapon Training

You gain proficiency in three martial weapons of your choice.

House of Dusk [edit]

This House make up the scouts and recon of the Eliksni people. Even though they are known Isolationist, the Eliksni still know a decent amount of the political climate and the state of the world outside there borders all due to the efforts of the House of Dusk, there House color is Purple.

Keen Eye

You gain proficiency in the Perception skill.

Enhanced Darkvision

Through rigorous Scout Training you can see farther in the darkness, your Darkvision range increases up to 120 feet.

House of Judgement[edit]

This House make up the police and justice system of the Eliksni people. No civilization is without there trouble makers, the Eliksni are no different. This house usually works in together with the House of Kings from time to time to solve crimes. There House color is Green.

Experienced Investigator

Through either training, years of experience or both, you've become an Experienced Investigator. You gain proficiency in the Investigation skill.

Know thy enemy

You have advantage on finding info on criminal activity and organizations due to your experience in law enforcement.

House of Kings[edit]

This House are the Negotiators so to speak of the Eliksni people. They handle deals and agreements between Houses and prevent conflict between the Houses constantly. They sometimes need to work with the House of Judgement to prevent these squabbles from becoming a full blown House war. There House color is Yellow.


You gain proficiency in the Persuasion skill.

Ear for the Gossip

Due to experience in the Nobility of the Eliksni people you've learned in a way its not that much different outside of your people in other Kingdoms circles of Nobility. You have advantage on finding info and rumors about Nobel families in the local area.

House of Rain[edit]

This House is mostly consisted of Monks and Fortune tellers, they use magic and religious blessing to tell prophecies that have yet to pass... They're rarely wrong. Albeit these prophecies are vague in some cases they have saved many Eliksni lives and prevented disasters. There house color is Indigo.

Insightful Learnings

You gain proficiency in the Insight skill.


These Eliksni have trained in the ways of Meditation They meditate deeply, remaining semiconscious, for 4 hours a day. (The Common word for such meditation is “trance.”) While meditating, you can dream after a fashion; such dreams are actually mental exercises that have become reflexive through years of practice. After resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that a human does from 8 hours of sleep.

House of Salvation[edit]

This House is consisted of religious figures and clergy members, such as clerics, Nuns and Paladins. They praise the word of the Great Machine, a Magical and Mechanical entity that blessed and aided them in there darkest hours eons ago. This house will aid the warrior related Houses in healing there wounded or send in combat priests and such on the frontlines to assist. There house color is White.


You gain proficiency in the Religion skill.

Inspiration from the Gods

You gain one Inspiration Die, it's a d6 and can only be used once per short rest.

House of Scar[edit]

This House consists of the craftsmen and women of the Eliksni people. They have Armorers, Weaponsmiths, Alchemists and even finer things such as Stone Masons, Painters and Writers. There house color is Orange.


Choose two sets of crafting tools to be proficient in.

Art of the Craft

Once per day if you fail a check with crafting tools you're proficient in you can reroll the die but must take the new roll.

House of Stone[edit]

This House makes up the defending military of the Eliksni people and lands, they hold the border and ensure they hold there isolationism. They'll warn traveler's and tell them to turn back but if they must they will resort to violence without hesitation, They rarely let outsiders in unless with specific permission from a high ranking individual in one of the houses and they must provide proof with a House Mark delivered to them along with a letter that are near impossible to forge due to the magic made to craft them.

Intimidating Bulwark

You gain proficiency in the Intimidation skill.

Self Sacrifice

If a friendly within five feet is attacked and it connects you can use your reaction to knock them out of the way and take the attack and its full possible damage.

House of Winter[edit]

This House consists of the scholars and researchers of the Eliksni people. They research many subjects and technology and even the darker side of things. They do study Necromancy albeit with a very close eye from the House of Judgement. House winter's color is Teal.

Arcane Education

You gain proficiency in the Arcana skill.

Magical and Technological Appraisal

Once per long rest you may cast Identify.

House of Wolves[edit]

This House consists of Hunters of the unnatural and troublesome beasts. They hunt what goes bump in the night and will deal with them accordingly. From monstrosities to Devils, they'll hunt them. Sometimes Eliksni from this House hunt alone but this House's motto is "Strength with the Pack". There House color is a Dark Blue.

Hunter Training

You gain proficiency in the Survival skill.

Pack Tactics

You have advantage on an attack roll against a creature if at least one of your allies is within 5 feet of the creature and the ally isn’t incapacitated.

Random Height and Weight[edit]


feet: 5

inches: 5

heightmod: +2d8

weight: 200lbs

weightmod: +2d10

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