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Weapon (cutlass), very rare (requires attunement)

This Cutlass was made from the fangs and claws of a powerful spirit, the blade was thought to be a myth. Legend has it that a piece of Efreets soul was infused with the sword giving it the power of fire. This magic sword deals an extra 1d6 fire damage to any target it hits.

Megiddo Flame: You can use an action to hurl a massive fireball in the shape of a meteor from the blade with a range of 60 feet. You may make a ranged spell attack against the target with a +10 bonus. On a successful hit, you deal 6d10 fire damage.

This effect may be used four times, and the Cutlass regains 1d4 uses of this effect at dawn.

Level 5: Upon reaching level 5, one of the blades dormant powers awaken. The wielder of this blade gains the ability to cast Flaming Shield(Shield spell) that protects the wielder from harm 3 times a day. Also upon reaching level 5 the wielder of this blade can now cast the cantrips Create Bonfire and Control Flame at will.

Level 10: Upon reaching level 10, the blade now does 2d6 fire damage to anything it hits, and another of the blades dormant powers awaken. The wielder of this blade now has the ability to cast the Flaming Arrows spell(works with ammo) and can now Conjure Minor Fire Elementals 3 times per day.

Level 15: Upon reaching level 15, another of the blades dormant powers awaken. The wielder of this blade now has the ability to Conjure Large Fire Elementals and create Delayed Blast Fireballs(can be shot from a flintlock pistol) twice a day. Additionally, Megiddo Flame may now be used 8 times a day and regains 1d6 uses of this effect at dawn.

Level 20: Upon reaching level 20, the final dormant power awakens. The wielder of this blade is able to summon an Efreeti to their side for 1 hour, 3 times a day. The Efreeti will have 2-3 Wishes(DMs discretion) that will, without question, and to the best of the Efreetis' ability grant the wishes to the wielder of the blade. Once the wishes are granted to the wielder, per genie law, the wielder cannot recieve any more wishes in his/her lifetime. So, whenever the Efreeti is summoned after the wishes have been granted, the Efreeti brings 5 Flame Sprites that are also loyal to the wielder.

All charges of this blade replenish to full at dawn.


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