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Making a Lightning Blade[edit]

there will always be a lightning blade master in search of an apprentice to pass down his teachings and most importantly his sword. Unlike other styles of sword the lightning blade has one ancestral weapon that holds the power of his deity within and towards the end of his life will pass it down to his apprentice. Normally the apprentice is an orphan or an aimless wanderer of young age. Once chosen the apprentice is put through rigorous training of both mind and body. The apprentice must learn to channel the power of storms and lightning into his body and through his sword. With this they are also brought up in the art of the sword to be the ultimate swordsman. overall the lightning blade is a disciplined master swordsman with this power of storms and his Deity coursing through him. Alignment: Lightning Blades are normally Chaotic, but may be any alignment they want.

Races: Lightning Blade appear in all races, but there seems to be an abundance of elves drawn to this discipline.

Starting Gold: 6d6×10 gp (210 gp).

Domains: A Lightning Blade must follow strictly any deity of storms or lightning, preferably Rijin

Starting Age: As Rogue.

Table: The Lightning Blade

Hit Die: D6

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +0 +2 +2 Conductor, Thunderborn, Ancestral Weaponry
2nd +3 +0 +2 +2 Kiai!, Horde Breaker
3rd +4 +1 +3 +3 Charged Current, Charged Body
4th +5 +1 +4 +4 Whirlwind Attack,Blindfighting
5th +6 +1 +4 +4 Paralyzing Touch, Lightning Bolt
6th +7 +2 +5 +5 Chain Lightning,Terrible Blows
7th +7 +2 +5 +5
8th +8/+1 +8 +6 +6 Reflect Magic,Channel Spell
9th +9/+2 +8 +6 +6
10th +10/+3 +8 +7 +7 Final Cut,Deny Armor
11th +11/+4 +8 +7 +7 Shock Immunity, Flash,
12th +12/+5/+2 +8 +8 +8 Nerve Boost,Blade of Souls
13th +13/+5/+3 +8 +8 +8
14th +13/+5/+3 +8 +9 +9
15th +14/+6/+3 +8 +9 +9 Electric Senses
16th +14/+7/+3 +8 +10 +10
17th +14/+8/+3 +8 +10 +10
18th +14/+8/+4 +8 +11 +11 Eye of the Black Storm
19th +14/+9/+4 +8 +11 +11 Nimbus
20th +15/+10/+5 +8 +12 +12 Chaos Bolt

Class Skills (6 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Appraise (Int), Craft (Int), Concentration (Con), Decipher Script (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Listen (Wis), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis), Knowledge Arcana (int), Knowledge Planes (int) and Use Magic Device (Cha), Acrobatics (Dex), Jump (Dex)

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Lightning Blade.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Lightning Blade are proficient with all simple and martail weapons, as well as the whip and all hammers. Thunder Disciples are proficient with .

Ancestral Weaponry: This weapon can be any type of weapon that suits your lightning blade tradition, the weapon serves as a symbol of the the lightning blades master and God he worships.

A Lightning blade can only have one weapon designated as his Ancestral Weapon at a time, and this weapon must be a masterwork weapon exalted by the Lightning Blades master and all previous owners. He must perform a 24 hour ritual to call his God into the weapon and designate it as his Ancestral Weapon. Once completed weaspon is considered sentient and may give advice to owner and converse with them at will. This ritual costs 100 gp in incense and offerings, and once performed grants the following abilities:

  • Counts as his Ancestral Weapon for all Lightning blade abilities.
  • Has a minimum enhancement bonus to attack and damage equal to his level divided by two.
  • The Ancestral weapon has double HPs and +10 Hardness, and has the Ghost Touch special property
  • Acts as Bonded weapon and supreme weapon proficiency

Conductor (Ex): A Lightning Blade is immune to any electricity caused by his abilities, and has shock resistance equal to twice their class levels.

Kiai! (Ex): A Lightning Blade may convert a successful strike into a confirmed critical hit. He may use this ability a number of times per day equal to his half his Lightning Blade level. This ability is a free action that is declared after the strike is rolled and confirmed as a hit, but before damage is rolled. This ability cannot be used on Attacks of Opportunity.

Horde Breaker: A Lightning Blade gains Horde Breaker as a bonus feat at 2nd level. If already has this feat, he may choose a Combat Feat instead, but only if he meets the prerequisites of that feat.

Thunderborn (Ex): When a Lightning Blade does damage with any electric abilities, whether with their own abilities or another source, they add an additional amount of shock damage equal to their class level. They may also add 1.5x their WIS mod to any attack they do that uses electricity. Lastly, they may add their WIS mod to any spellcaster check.

Whirlwind Attack: A Lightning Blade gains Whirlwind as a bonus feat

Terrible Blows (Su): A Lightning Blade's Ancestral Weapon bypasses Damage Reduction and ignores Hardness.

Reflect Magic (Su): An spell effect that would be dispelled by a successful use of the Lightning Blade's Parry Magic ability can instead be reflected back on the caster, as per a spell turning effect.

Channel Spell: A Lightning Blade gains the ability to channel spells through his weapon. Any spell the Lightning Blade can cast can now be channeled through melee attack, which is made in place of the melee touch attack as part of the spell. This attack is rolled as a normal attack roll, not as a melee touch attack. If it hits, however, the attack deals normal weapon damage as well as the effect of the spell.

Blade of Souls: any enemy killed by a Lightning blades Ancestral Weapon has his soul sucked into it, and this enemy cannot be raised, resurrected, or otherwise returned to life until the Ancestral Blade is broken. Each time the Ancestral Weapon takes a soul, the Lightning Blade gains a single bonus use of his Kiai! ability that must be used before the next sunrise.

Deny Armor (Su): a lightning blade attacking with his Ancestral Weapon ignores any AC bonuses on his targets that come from armor or natural armor. Final Cut (Ex): a lightning blades Ancestral Weapon gains the Vorpal special quality, even if it is not a slashing weapon.

Charged Current (Su): Charged Current: A Lightning Blade lightning cuts through Shock Resistance, hardness, and Immunity. No more than ½ of the damage inflicted by his shock damage can be negated by hardness, immunity, damage reduction, or resistance to shock. In addition, the Lightning Blade ignores the first 5 points of Shock Resistance that a target has.

Charged body (Sp): A Lightning Blade can cover their body with a layer of electrical currents as a free action, causing them to count as armed at all times, even with unarmed attacks. The Lightning Blade body illuminates an area around him equal to that of a torch. The Lightning Blade gets a +4 bonus to his wisdom score and intimidate checks while this ability is active; this bonus applies to everything except powers that have a certain number of uses per day per WIS mod. The Lightning Blade also causes an extra 3D6 of Shock damage with all melee attacks (weapons are electrified while this ability is active), and 3D6 shock damage to anyone attacking him with melee attacks. The Lightning Blade may choose what is shocked by this ability; likewise, the Lightning Blade may choose to use this ability to electrify his current weapon only, but will only get the additional melee shock damage with no other benefits.

Paralyzing Touch (Sp): As a standard action, a Lightning Blade may touch a creature and send disrupting electrical currents throughout its body. With a successful melee touch attack, the disciple may paralyze a creature for 2D4 rounds that fails its fort save (12+WIS MOD). This does not affect constructs, undead, oozes, plants, or elementals. This technique is usable once per day per 3rd class level.

Lightning bolt (Sp): As a standard action, a Lightning Blade may cast a bolt of lightning forth from their hand. This bolt can travel out to 100ft and deals 1D8 shock damage per level (max 20D8). Alternatively, the Lightning Blade may also take a full-round action to cast a more powerful bolt that deals 1D10 of shock damage per level. May reflex for half, DC 13+WIS mod.

Chain Lightning (Sp): Chain Lightning: As the spell, with the following changes: lightning does 1D8 per level, reflex DC (10+class level).

Shock immunity (Ex): The Lightning Blade is immune to shock damage and electrical effects, except where specifically noted within the thunder disciple's abilities.

Flash (Su): The Lightning Blade has obtained a better grasp on their connection to lightning, and has learned to actually move like it; the Lightning Blade may turn their physical body into lightning and move just as fast. A number of times per day equal to their class levels, the Lightning Blade may turn into lightning and move as an immediate action anywhere they can see within 120ft.

Final Cut (Ex): A Lightning Blades Ancestral Weapon gains the Vorpal special quality, even if it is not a slashing weapon.

Nerve Boost (Sp): The thunder disciple can run a current of electricity through their body or the body of a touched living creature to stimulate their nervous system and give them a boost, giving them the following changes: increased movement speed of 20ft, +1 to attack for every third class level, +2 dodge AC, and additional 2D6 of shock damage to all melee attacks that are unarmed or done with a melee weapon that conducts electricity (does not apply to ranged attacks). This ability last 1D6+1 rounds, and requires a full-round action to use correctly; you may rush to use this ability as a standard action, but there is a 15% chance to cause nerve damage while rushing, causing 1D4 of permanent DEX damage. 

Electric senses (Ex): The thunder disciple is able to sense even the slightest electric currents around them, allowing them to locate living creatures; they are able to locate any living creatures within 30ft of them, including all living humanoids, animals, magical beast, etc. If not able to physically see the target, the target still has the appropriate concealment. This ability does not apply to creatures who do not have currents in their bodies, such as constructs, elementals, undead, oozes, and plants, unless one of these types of creatures specifically has some type of electrical current within their body.

Eye of the Black Storm (Sp): As a standard action, a Lightning Blade may tap into the power of the black storm. This calls down a black lightning storm that vortexes in a 20ft circumference and persist for 1D4+1 rounds, causing 25D4 of shock damage to all creatures caught inside each round. This damage bypasses all immunity and resistance. Targets caught in the vortex must make a fortitude save( DC 20+wis mod) at the beginning of each round or be paralyzed for 1 round. Targets must also make a will save while within the vortex (DC 25) at the beginning of each round or be affected by Phantasmal killer as the spell with the exception that no one outside of the vortex can see any form of the phantasmal killer. This vortex is pitch black, allowing no one to see in or out of it, and while the vortex is loud outside, it is even more deafening to anyone caught inside, preventing targets from hearing anything (except for the Phantasmal Killer if affected). While within the vortex, spot and listen checks are impossible, and movement speed is halved. This ability may be used again 3 rounds after its previous use, and cannot be cast again while a storm is currently active.

Nimbus (Sp): The Thunder Lightning Blade is able to call a Nimbus cloud to his side as a free action, and the nimbus will finish forming 1 round afterwards. He is able to ride this cloud; the nimbus covers a 5ft space and has a fly speed of 300ft(good). Any other object or creature that comes into contact with the nimbus passes directly through it; it takes no damage and cannot be used as cover. The nimbus stays in existence until released by the Thunder disciple, at which point it simply evaporates. The nimbus can be dispelled by Dispel Magic, Disjunction, or an anti-magic field, but otherwise is not affected by magic. In addition, the Lightning Blade may also speak a command word as a free action to release a fog from the nimbus with effects as the Fog Cloud spell.

Chaos Bolt (Sp): As a full-round action, the Lightning Blade may tap into the power of the Black Storm to form a black lightning bolt and hurl it at target within 200ft with a ranged touch attack. Any target struck with this bolt receives 50D12 of shock damage, and must make a will save (DC 25+level) or be under the effects of insanity and weird (as the spells) for 3D4 rounds: creatures struck with this ability take x3 damage from all sources of shock damage for 3D6 rounds. This multiplied damage stacks with multiple uses of this ability to a max of x12, with the time restarting to the most current attack. This ability is usable a number of times per day equal to WIS Mod.

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