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<!- Dragonfire ->[edit]

<!- This is a low fantasy home brew setting heavily inspired by, (but not based on) Camelot as depicted in the BBC series Merlin.

In an ancient land there once was magic and mythical creatures in abundance. This way of life lasted from the beginning of time for ten thousand years until a war between man and myth destroyed both worlds and the mortal men claimed the lands. However the magic was not completely destroyed and its aura inhabited the sea and the air and the deep forests and caves where no man ventured. It manifested in the creatures which lived in these places and enlightened some of the greatest of them. ->


<!- The world was created by the god of life and creation known by his followers as the shepherd. He created a harp and infused some of his creative power into it. Using his harp he played into exsistance the essence of life and magic. He then allowed the magic to live and manifest as it would, only influencing his creation as needed. He then formed the life he made into man and the beasts so that man would know the joy of being shepherds of the lesser beings he made and revere him for it. The dark magic which drifted from the light of the shepherd formed into the evil one known as the overlord. The overlord believes that he is greater then his maker and wishes to overthrow him. The shepherd saw this and gave the overlord over to his darkness and gave him dominion over the great blackness, that is where is farthest from his presence. Those that follow the overlord will be tortured for eternity in the great blackness, but the enlightened creatures who turn from the evil they are born into will be rewarded by entering the paradise of the shepherds domain upon their deaths. ->


<!- Mainly the race of men live in the forest continent called Ter. Across the sea of eternal motion lives the sand dwarves of the endless desert. Under the sea, in the forests and scattered throughout the desert live the magic creatures, the dragons and centaurs and elves, sprites, satyrs and minotaurs. ->


<!- after the war of extinction magic was illegalized by men and dwarves. Wizards and paladins, clerics and bards were murdered by the warriors and the survivors were forced to become nomads and outcasts hiding from the world. Creatures of magic are killed on sight by those with the power to do so regardless of their alignment. ->

For DMs[edit]

<!- Players who wish to play spellcasters must either be sorcerers who hide the magic they are born with or be another caster class with a nomadic/outcast background. Playable races in this setting are commonly human and dwarf other races must choose a nomadic background or be from a secret location unknown to men and dwarves. ->

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