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<!- Setting ->[edit]

Alright this shall be a setting based on the songs by a band called "DragonForce" It shall have a cosmology and history based on the songs the band plays. Basically this will take a while and help is appreciated. If you wish to help listen to DragonForce songs and convert the lyrics into a D&D type setting. The gods will be the names of band members which I shall now list and soon D&D them.

Herman Li, ZP Theart, Marc Hudson, Vadim Pruzhanov, Sam Totman, Gee Anzalone, Frederic Leclercq, Dave Mackintosh, Steve Scott, Adrian Lambert, Didier Almouzni, Steve Williams, Diccon Harper, Matej Setinc



Nar (AKA Sam Totman)[edit]

Sam is the major villain in this setting. Sure, there are other villains, but Sam is the main one. Simply put, Nar is the personification of everything bad. His goal is to kill everything. If you need the PCs to fight an evil cult, but you can't decide what they should worship, just go with Nar.

The Sun (AKA Herman Li)[edit]

That's right. The Sun is Herman Li. The dude ended up shredding so hard, that he accidentally caused nuclear fusion. Due to this, he ended up becoming The Sun. Herman is the embodiment of everything that's good. As such, he is the enemy of Nar.



For DMs[edit]


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