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These feats are designed for the Phantom class.

Phantom Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Extended Shadow Form Shadow Form ability. Your Shadow Form lasts longer than normal.
Extra Mending Shadows Mending Shadows ability, Shadow Form ability. You may sacrifice uses of your Shadow Form ability to gain another use of your Mending Shadows ability.
Extra Power Phantom level 3rd. You learn an addition power.
Extra Shadow Form Shadow Form ability. You may use your Shadow Form more times in a day.
Fast Walk (4e Feat)
Improved Mending Shadows Mending Shadows class ability, Charisma 13. You can heal more damage than normal with your Mending Shadows.
Phantom Casting Phantom level 1st, Concentration 5 ranks. Your shadow shimmers as you cast a power, and you seem to cast from elsewhere.
Phantom Familiar Phantom level 3rd. You gain a companion from the plane of shadow.
Rapid Preparation Phantom level 1st Preparing your powers takes less time.
Resist the Shadow Phantom level 1st, Concentration 5 ranks. Your soul becomes more resistant to the effects of Shadow.
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