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Created by a god who just wanted to mess with other gods, demonkin are a chaotic, prideful and cocky race. When a powerful demonkin is about to die, he can shapeshift into a magic weapon based on his will, so the will of the demonkin continues if said will is strong enough and the demonkin with the strongest willpower can create this weapon without giving their lives.

Image by Fanged-Fury21

Physical Description[edit]

Demonkin have a humanoid structure. Some have a stone looking skin, others have scale one, some with a few feathers and other just a gray one. Some of their horns don't look like one, instead they look like a steel helmet with a weird design covering their head. Their wings often look like feathers a coat or jacket made of leather, feather or scales, however they can only Jump high and glide with them. Their eyes glow. Demonkin's colour palette is dark grey in the skin and any other in everything else. Demonkin have no distinguishable pattern, everyone looks almost unique. similarity is only shared by family members but these are hard to notice.

Their voices are guttural and this is the only way other races distinguish demonkin sex other than looking directly at their genitals (which they only show their genitalia when mating is their purpose), males have low pitched gutturals and females have high pitched ones.


A god created the Demonkin just to mess with other gods order by giving them infinite life span unless killed, being able to reproduce with any other species, always a desire for fight and kill and being able to create weapons at will (if their will is strong enough), which means that Demonkin are enemies of every religion.


Demonkin will always look for power, their hierachy is based on the strongest, but the smarter ones are who always manipulate them. once a Demonkin can defy a king/queen, most of the time the loser one is exiled from this society. however, there are rare cases that the loser wishes to serve the winner, either by respect or love, that they will give up their remaining life to become a magic weapon that serves the winner.

Demonkin kings may also want to conquer and enslave other races when they notice their empire is big enough, which their subordinates often agree and will serve this purpose, even that they also desire to take down their own king and become one, the idea of enslaving someone is enough motivation to serve

Demonkin who grow tired of violence, they go far away from other Demonkin and live a peaceful life on their own, and sometime they seem interested on living in a civilized society, they'll try their hardest to join in and be accepted

Demonkin Names[edit]

Demonkin do not give names with vowels next to each other, there's always a consonant next to a vowel. any Demonkin who didn't grow in a Demonkin society, may have a name ignoring these rules Demonkin like "menacing" names. so their names have a "strong" accentuated first or second syllable. the consonant of the "strong" syllable for males tends to be a "B"s "D"s "F"s "G"s "K"s "M"s "P"s "Q"s "T"s and do not have "E"s in the name, while for females tends to be "C"s "H"s "L"s "N"s "S"s "V"s "X"s "Z"s "SH"s and don't have "U"s in the name, normally this consonant does not repeat in the name.

Male: Sparda, Mundus, Ifrit, Koloss,

Female: Echidna, Vipona , Nevan, Shokran


Demonkin can reproduce with anyother race. but instead of the child having both of the appearances, it looks exactly like the other race. but, the child can shapeshift completely into a Demonkin for about 5 minutes every Short rest, losing the previous race traits and gaining the Demonkin ones. and their life span is the same as the other race

The Child can also become a Weapon or Gain one if it's Requirements met


Reimagination of the Demons from Devil May Cry universe. Demonkin are Proudful, Greedy and Chaoutic race, enemies of every god and religion
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength and Dexterity, Constitution score increases by 2 Intelligence score decreases by 2 and Charisma score decreases by 3 .
Age. they can live forever unless killed
Alignment. Almost every Demonkin is Chaotic-Neutral or Chaotic-Evil, except when some try to join another civilization.
Size. Can vary between 6-7'5 feet
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Dark Vision. You can see 30 feet away from you in the dark
High Jump. With the help of your wings you can Jump 20 Feet.
Air Glide. Since you can't flap your wings, you can't elevate mid-air. But you can glide if you have enough room to, making you desend 5 feet every 5 seconds
Languages. Demonic Language, any other of your choise

Random Height and Weight[edit]

6′ 8″ +3d6 125 lb. × (2d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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