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Demonic Knight[edit]

The generals of hell's army have a new member. We ride forth.
—Drayden Llewellyn, Demonic Knight

A Demonic Knight serves as the leaders of combat forces.

Becoming a Demonic Knight[edit]

become Demonic Knights to become powerful with their newfound abilities, Demonic Knights need high Strength and Constitution, and a high Wisdom governs abilities

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Base Attack Bonus: +4
Feat Weapon Focus
Language: Demonic
Table: The Demonic Knight

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +2 +0 +1 Chaotic Strike, Fiery Aura
2nd +2 +2 +0 +1 Summon Demon: Dretch, Chaos Bolt
3rd +2 +3 +1 +1 Poison Blast
4th +2 +3 +1 +2
5th +3 +4 +2 +3 Summon Demon: Hezruo
6th +5 +4 +2 +3 Demonic Sight
7th +5 +4 +2 +3 Improved Abilities
8th +6 +5 +3 +4
9th +7 +5 +3 +4 Summon Demon: Glabrezu
10th +7 +6 +4 +5 Demonic Form

Class Skills (3 + Int modifier per level)
Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (The Planes), Tumble, Bluff.

Class Features[edit]

The Demonic Knights abilities are based around assisting the combat capabilities of the Ikimarus and give it a bit more of a ranged role. All of the following are class features of the demonic knight; bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, and sense motive.

Fiery Aura: (Su) At level 1, as a move action a Demonic Knight can evoke his demonic form. He is wreathed in flame. Anyone grappling a Demonic Knight takes 1d6 points of fire damage each round.

Chaotic Strike: (Su) At level 1, once per day, a demonic knight may attempt to smite lawful with one normal melee attack. He adds his wisdom bonus (if any) to his attack roll and deals 1 extra point of damage per demonic knight level. If the attack succeeds, roll a 1d4 to choose the damage type; 1 fire, 2 ice, 3 electricity, 4 acid. If the demonic knight accidentally smites a creature that is not lawful, the smite has no effect, but the ability is still used up for that day. Paladin levels stack with Demonic Knight levels to determine damage.

Summon Demon: (Sp) Once per day a Demonic Knight can summon a number of demons for 10 rounds. This ability is the equivalent of a 9th-level spell. Those Demons cannot use their summon abilities.

  • 2nd Level: 1d4 Dretch
  • 5th Level: 1 Hezruo
  • 9th Level: 1 Vrock

Chaos Bolt: (Su) At level 2, 3/day a Demonic Knight can release a powerful stroke of chaotic energy in a 30ft line that deals 1d10 points of energy damage per class level (maximum 10d10).

Poison Blast: (Su) Once per day a Demonic Knight can send out a beam of poison up to 30 ft and when it either makes contact with an object in the way or reaches the end of its range it detonates in a 10 ft radius for 1d12 acid damage/class level.

Improved Abilities: (Su) At level 7, Range extended to 60ft for Chaos Bolt and 20ft radius for Poison Blast.

Demonic Sight: (Ex) At level 6, gain Dark Vision 30ft and Low-light Vision 60ft and +2 to spot checks

Demonic Form: (Su) At level 10, as a free action the demonic knight can transform into his Demonic Form once per day. In this form he gains +4 Str and +2 Constitution. He gains two claw attacks that deal 1d10 damage each, a bite attack that deals 1d6, and a tail attack that deals 1d6 damage. He grows a pair of bat wings and gains a flight speed of 60ft with average maneuverability. In this form his type changes to Chaotic Evil Outsider. For the purposes of damage reduction, all natural attacks are considered magical and evil aligned. This form lasts for 1 hour.

Ex-Demonic Knights[edit]

If a Demonic Knight were to lose their Chaotic Evil alignment or were to associate with angelic races, then they lose this class and cannot take it again.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Demonic Knight[edit]

Demonic Knights tend to be seen at the front line taking the enemy on or using the powerful spell-like abilities from a distance and tearing the enemies apart, they can usually be found hunting down large prey and are not satisfied with anything their size category or smaller.

Combat: Either the front line tearing the enemy down and taking blows, or at a distance dealing some good damage

Advancement: None really, this class can hold its own, but may have problems dealing with undead do to negative energy damage abilites

Resources: This class can tank a few enemies at once and take them down, but it can also take down distant enemies causing the party certain problems, such as mages

Demonic Knights in the World[edit]

Demonic Knights can be found anywhere, but mostly in places where they can hunt down large enemies or fight in arenas

—Drayden Llewellyn, Demonic Knight

NPC Reactions:

Demonic Knight Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in can research to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
11 .
16 .
21 .
26 .

Demonic Knights in the Game[edit]


Sample Encounter:

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