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Overview The famous or rather infamous guardsmen of the Death Korps of Kreig are a unique and dogmatic people. They have an incredibly closed and rigorous society using all of their hoarded information technology and mechanical prowess for the singular purpose of grinding warfare. No man woman or child in the kingdom of Kreig and indeed in the Death Korps itself is focused on anything except for furthering their own ferocious and fanatical ends. The detachments of so called “Guardsmen” are sent out from the black blasted and ruined corpse of Kreigs overworld and armed by the underground subterranean factories garrisons and anything else this incredibly draconian society is structured to require. The Guardsmen come in two general intents they are either sent out with a specific and limited goal such as searching for knowledge or finding technology to bring back to their hellish homeland. Normally these soldiers are raised trained and their dower appearance of these first type tend to completely ignore “nonessential personnel” simply marching out over anything or anyone in their way. The secondary type of these hardened troopers are those given a non specific task such as “go forth and sacrifice” being the most common these guardsmen are usually in either singular or small groups or squads normally living in the rough or sometimes just tagging along with groups they think will allow them to assist them in their “crusade”.

(Lore reason you play this for fun if your dm need a reason) The Cult of Sacrifice and its Origins or The Purge of Kreig

The society of kreig is cruel at least to those looking from the outside a closed society into which there is almost no access. However their soldiers are almost always given access to the things they seek when possible because of their vicious and insane form of fighting. The soldiers of Kreig regardless of rank and regardless of numbers logic or anything else the death korps will always attack when ordered hold when ordered charge when ordered seemingly without fear or possibly just maybe eager to die. It is unknown to most outside of Kreig itself but those who play as this class have had it hammered into their minds since the moment they were born. Kreig was once a beautiful and diverse kingdom wealthy beautiful and leaps and bounds above others in technological advancements. However their society was brought down by a cancer growing from the inside. Those who thought those of Kreig should share with their neighbors infiltrated into their higher government starting a coup along racial lines dragon borns elves and many other non human races suddenly erupted into a vicious civil war. Two factions arose those who wished to break apart Kreig giving each race or culture within Kreig a separate area and the others following a far different doctrine in one simple word. Unification one man one people and only one Kreig. Those of the United front were savaged in the civil war by their neighbor nations and their land was blighted by Magic’s that have kept them from living on the now near poisonous ruins of their once great cities. Their technology was plundered and torn away by the others who forced their society into this hell. But through this war Kreig found a new soul. A cult arose those who were of one mind one intent and they spearheaded a final victory to unite the core areas of Kreig. The cult was without fear they led from the front they died in their hundreds for one simple objective suicidally brave was an understatement for these soldiers. But the cult grew until the entire remaining parts of the unification faction were under the cults structure. Now with the war ended and the purges of the forces threatening Kreig the high religious sects writhing Kreigs society are in love with their cult of “sacrifice death and unification”. Kreig sends out its soldiers to find their technology and to find new types however unlike any other races all the men of Kreig are an odd and abnormal form of mixed humans many with more than one race so to keep the uniform power of their cult they all wear a thick heavy helm and mask which is attached to some form of simple rebreather technology. This is unsettling at the best of times as dozens of these silent soldiers march in lock step into towns and villages with their commanding officers entering homes and mansions alike to find what was once stolen from the land of Kreig these soldiers do not discriminate but they do not like Magic’s like what has destroyed their land or those who abuse or take a position of superiority based on being different in any way seeing uniformity and unification into a greater (unnamed) calling that only they know.

Technology and Troops

With the lore out of the way let’s get onto the class but trust me I’ll keep in character after this I promise. The Death Korps is a highly technological fighting force and even more a highly disciplined one. A Kreig guardsmen of any type ANY TYPE will have the following kit as standard before being unleashed upon their mission

1. Their Lasgun this has many names across their enemies but the Kreig Guardsmen themselves know the basic version of the weapon a Lucious Lasgun or a lucious pattern. This weapon is absolutely vicious and is both complex and expensive this along with his possibly favorite piece of kit his bayonet

2. His Gas mask hood and helm this is a one piece item that is nearly always worn by the guardsmen it can be upgraded in many ways but always is kept on by the soldiers to cover their mix race and often deformed and lacerated faces from their harsh training the mask often protects them from gasses poisons and even sometimes can help them survive under water

3. Finally his garb the gray drab simple trench coat. This thick rough often muddy or patched but never left damaged this item may just be a piece of clothing it is just as much of a symbol of their unity that they are all the same waiting to be uniformed corpses these suits can have any upgrades but the most basic serves almost 0 protective function in line with the cult of sacrifice why would one wish for armor when all you plead and live for is to die for your mission.

Class Features Hit Points and Hit Dice 10 + Con mod for first level Hit Dice 1D10 + Con mod per level after first


Armor: Designated by subclass for first and second level Padded armor or none

Weapons: Subclass + simple weapons

Saving: throws Wisdom and Constitution

Skills: Choose two from Acrobatics, Athletics, History, Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Perception, Persuasion, and Survival.


1 +2 Korps Field Kit

2 +2 Discipline of the Korps

3 +2 Specialist MKI (Command and Control Structure, Spear Head Assault, Skirmisher and Scout)

4 +2 ability score increase

5 +3 They Shall know no fear

6 +3 NBC Secured

7 +3 Specialist MKII and Extra Attack

8 +3 ability score increase

9 +4 Cult of Sacrifice

10 +4 Duty Unto death

11 +4 Specialist MK III

12 +4 ability score increase

13 +5 Single Minded Determination

14 +5 Extra Attack

15 +5 Specialist MKIV

16 +5 ability score increase

17 +6 Inspired Fanaticism

18 +6 Specialist MKV

19 +6 ability score increase

20 +6 In life war, in death forgiveness

The Korps Field kit LVL 1

As previously stated your field kit includes your Lucius Pattern Lasgun which is a large heavy Crossbow like weapon however the weapon has an enclosed barrel as well as a secondary feed for both its specialized high quality steel bolts and its power pack which is used to supply your weapon with its killing power. The short crossbow like structure is entirely enclosed by the barrel and is pulled back by a pair of charging handles on the side of the weapon. The stats are as follows

Lucius Pattern lasgun

Range 30/60

Damage 2D8 Fire no bonuses for DEX

weight 10 lbs unloaded

Ammunition: High quality steel bolts energized by a focusing lenses within the weapon this power pack has a power capacity of 20 shots per day with the specific ammunition after which it takes a long rest to recharge finally on a roll of 1 you suffer a complication which must be repaired over a short rest with a DC 15 intelligence check

Lastly your other Kit your padded uniform or padded armor an explorers pack several ration packs 1 power pack for your lasgun finally you get your gas mask rig and pack which gives you the ability to breath clearly though any amount of dust dirt grit or ash you cannot be hindered by these things.

Discipline of the Korps (lvl 2)

Your training has provided you with considerable training in maintenance and use of your unique weapon and tactics you gain proficiency with your lasgun and in maintaining it when you misfire. Secondly the death korps is known for its skill and power in trench warfare in this you excel you gain a trench shovel with your kit basic trench building skills and the ability to gain the effects of cover when given ten minutes to prepare an area for yourself you may extend the trench five feet for every ten minutes you dedicate up to a max of 30 feet in an hour

Specialties MK I(subclasses Command and Control Structure, Spear Head Assault, Skirmisher and Scout )LVL 3

Command and control structure: Quartermaster

Spear Head Assault: Tactical Assault Guardsmen

Skirmisher and Scout: Kreig Scout Vanguard

watchmaster commissar 2x general

Storm assault: Assault specialist

x2 engineer x2 StoSS Trumpen

Free thinkers: Scouts

x2 Rough Riders x2 Death Rider Commander

ideas: singleminded determination, in death do we serve (get 1 shot off before you go down), duty unto death, they shall know no fear, discipline of the core, NBC secured, Inspired fanaticism

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