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Dawn Rosepetal, ursus matron goddess of life[edit]

Alignment. Lawful Good
Domains. Life, Light
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Dawn Rosepetal is the matron diety of the ursus race and a figurehead for strong mothers over all of Raesokera. The powerful grizzly was among the first beasts to be Atun's chosen leaders. She was a mother and leader of the largest tribe of bears long before she became a heroine. In her desire to protect the young and preserve the future of Raesokera after the chiropteran cataclysm, she helped Chaisin, Lemanus, Nicodemus, and Vargas to calm and seal the first scar. As her first act as diety of the ursus, she proclaimed her standing principles of guidance to bring all ursus together and end the selfish "traditions" of patron bears.

Dawn represents love, compassion, protection, and responsibility of all devoted parents. Her desire is to empower the mothers of all families, to create and preserve strong familial relationships among all members, and to create harmony within communities through love and determination.

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