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Crow Talon & Quills

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Crow Talon & Quills 350 gp 1d8 piercing (rapier) 1d8 slashing (Quills Melee) 1d4 Piercing (Ranged) 3lb. Finesse, special ammunition (range 30/60)

These weapons are a rapier and throwing knife mix. Requires the Crow Talon (Rapier) to be held in one hand and four Crow quills (throwing knives) go in the other hand. After dusk attacks made with The Crow Talon is made with advanced. When you successfully make an attack on a target with the rapier as an action you may use the quills being held in your other hand as claws as a bonus action doing 1d8 slashing damage. Alternatively 4 quills can be thrown as an action doing 1d4 piercing damage per quill. The quills can be thrown at more than a single target, quills can't hit a single creature unless quills thrown are within 15 feet of a single target (normal radius for multiple targets) If you throw a quill at more than one target you must make another attack roll for each quill (up to 4 creatures hit). Once a quill has been used to attack in any way they break. If you touch any normal quills to your rapier they become Crow quills with the same qualities as before. Quills can be purchased for 5sp each.

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A set of Crow Quills
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