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Combo Fighter, Variant

Prerequisites: Proficiency with martial weapons, Dexterity 16
You can chain different attacks together into a powerful combo using different weapons three times per day . You gain the following benefits:

  • You can draw or stow a weapon without spending any action.
  • Whenever you hit a creature with an melee attack with a weapon, you can use your bonus action to make an additional attack with a different weapon, the combo keeps extending against the creature your started with if you hit your previous attack and you have a new weapon to use (neither of these attacks add your ability or proficiency modifier to the damage). You can cancel the combo any time, but when you cancel you don't get the stack.
  • If you hit all the chain attacks or the combo ends satisfactory you gain +1 attack and damage for the main action attack (accumulative to +3.). For every failed hit, or every hit you receive, you lose one stack (If you end successfully the combo, they don't consume the uses per day, but if you fail or end the combo by yourself, it consume normally).
  • If the creature you start the combo falls on 0HP, the combo ends satisfactory, gain 1 stack and Temporal HP equal to the last damage you did, and gain 1 more attack only.

When the combo ends independently of the way it did, the next attack made against you has advantage until your next turn, if the attack it's a critical, it will do the triple of damage.

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