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Tiefling Variant[edit]

Children of Asmodeus are literal children of asmodeus. They are born when asmodeus descends from the hells and and spreads his progeny. He has a telepathic link with his children which allows him to control them.

When a Child of Asmodeus reaches level 7, Asmodeus acknowledges their existence and sends a gift. This is a +2 flaming burst, unholy weapon of any kind. When they reach level 13 He Geases them with a quest. If they succeed their weapon becomes a +4 flaming burst, vorpal, keen, unholy weapon which has an extra form which it can change to, (eg. Morningstar to longsword.) At level 18 He brings them to his castle and uses them as servants.

They possess all tiefling traits except darkvision and infernal legacy.

Devil Eyes. You gain 120 ft darkvision and 30 ft blindsight.

Infernal flight. You gain wings and 50 ft flying speed.

Natural Spellcasting. You can cast alter self at will at level 1, polymorph (humanoid only) 1/day at level 3, polymorph 1/day at level 4, and fireball 1/day at level 5.

Spawn chance. You gain extra features from the table below.

1d12 Result
1 You gain 2 prehensile tentacles sprouting from the back of your head. These cannot wield weapons.
2 You gain an extra pair of legs. increase your speed by 10 ft and gain a climbing speed of 20 ft.
3 You have a scaly carapace you gain an unarmored AC of 14 + Dexterity.
4 You have a sharp tongue. You can deal 1d4 + Dexterity piercing damage.
5 Your teeth are very sharp. You have a bite that deals 1d6 + Dexterity piercing damage.
6 You gain claws that deal 1d8 + Dexterity slashing damage.
7 You can cast firebolt 1/day.
8 You have gills and can breathe underwater. You gain a swim speed equal to your flying speed.
9 You gain an extra pair of wings near your ankles. Increase your flying speed by 10 ft.
10 You gain an extra pair of arms. You can wield twice as many weapons and gain a climbing speed of 20 ft.
11 You can communicate telepathically with any living thing within 120 ft.
12 Roll twice for a total of three rolls.

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