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What is This[edit]

D&D 5e has a very simple character creation process which does add some depth, in order to help players create their characters. Depending on the person, GM, or game there are several ways to go about creating your character. Listed below are some very simple questions that may assist in adding additional depth and clarity to the character before ability scores are applied.

You can either add stats as you go or wait until the end (however the intention is for you to wait until the end.) This idea of questioning is inspired by L5R 5E.

These questions should be answered from the point of view of the character you will be creating.


1. What Race are you?

2. Do you have a Sub-Race, if so, what is it?

3. What is your name, and where did it come from, are you named after something?

4. What family/tribe/village/kingdom/nation are you from? (Check with your DM after question 5 as they may have predetermined racial histories etc.)

Your Role in the party[edit]

5. What is your Class and what is the role you wish to fill within that class?


6. How did you learn to do what you can do? Do you have a mentor?

7. How does your character feel about their Rulers, Government, or any organization that you may belong to?

8. What are your personal goals?

9. What has led you to choose Adventuring or Answering the call?

10. What is your background? (note features, proficiency, Languages, and items.

11. Do you have any pre-existing relationships?

Optional Request the DM might have for the player
Try and keep “Family” alive and a reason to go back to them. What I mean by “family” is any Key person(s) who was a major part of your life that your character likes. It could be a friend? Lover? Family? Mentor? Rival? Something, or one, that your looking forward to see again and could further add depth to your character. 
This doesn’t mean you can’t have your whole tribe die to an orc attack. That’s fine. It just means you should have someone alive your character would want to see again and might have some embarrassing secrets like how you were once dared to kiss a goat, or you care enough about to do anything to save them from a horrible fate.

Your personality and description[edit]

12. What are your ideals?

13. What is your flaw?

If a DM so chose i would have the flaw be more involved then just the ones from the background. such as missing an eye, being haunted, having bad luck, being fatter then avg, following certain strict self imposed rules, deal with a patron, having enemies, etc. something that adds to the characters that they must overcome if possible and deal with.

14. How are you different from everyone else around you?

15. How would a close friend or family member describe you? Assuming you have any.

16. What is a unique physical feature you have? describe one unique item you have in your possession.

17. What do you like to do for fun or enjoyment?

18. How does your character act in…

Combat situations? Fighting a goblin, brawling in a tavern, fighting a crazy spell caster in the woods. (anything where something wants to hit you)
Social situations? A party with friends, a court with nobles, dealing with shopkeepers, talking to villagers to find out information. (anything that deals with lots of talking to others)
Stressful situations? Like someone dying, a loved one being blamed for murder, or you being blamed for murder, or a dragon attacking your village as you watch from afar? (things of High stress)

Greater Goals[edit]

19. What do you want to eventually achieve?

20. If it were to happen, how do you see yourself dying?

examples; Defending a village from certain doom, of old age with 2 children and a wife, on the battlefield being judge for his sins, etc.

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