Chain of Impossible Strength (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, Very Rare or Legendary (requires attunement by a barbarian, fighter, paladin, or ranger)

To a normal person, this silver and gold chain seems like just an ugly decoration. To an adventurer who has probably wished they were stronger, this string of expensive metal links is a godsend. Literally. It is unclear what god created the first chain, many will claim it was theirs. The first chain was thousands of feet long giving godlike strength to whoever could carry it (which was only successfully carried by one giant chief who died after slapping a bug on his face).

For every 10 silver links there are 3 gold links (About 2 0.5 ½ feet long), each silver section increases the wielder's Strength score by 1, to a maximum Strength score of 30. The chain was divided by an evil priest who feared the power of the divine strength in the chain. There are different size pieces of the chain, none larger than 6 silver sections (1-3 very rare; 4-6 legendary). Sections can be cut off if the party chooses to share it (by the middle gold link), the broken link vanishes in a divine light

Chain can be worn as a belt, a sash, or however they choose. But the chain must be touching the wearer (not carried in their bag) and cannot be used as a weapon.

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