Carapace Armor, Variant (5e Equipment)

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Armor (hide), rarity varies (requires attunement)

Made from the carapace of a giant bug, and enchanted with a mixture of transmutation and a hint of necromancy, this armor is capable of regenerating damage it takes.

At the start of your turn, the wearer of this armor gains a small number of temporary hit points, depending on the rarity of this armor. These temporary hit points do not expire, as they refresh every 6 seconds for as long as you wear the armor.

Legendary carapace armor has a +1 bonus to AC.

  • Common: 2 hit points
  • Uncommon: 4 hit points
  • Rare: 6 hit points
  • Very Rare: 10 hit points
  • Legendary: 14 hit points

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