Captain Sneaky Booming Zephyr Strike: The ultimate hit & run (5e Optimized Character Build)

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The Concept:[edit]

Captain Sneaky Booming Zephyr Strike or CSBZS for short is a crit fishing massive damage dealing hit and run character with two feats built to run incredibly fast, then deal an average of roughly 70 damage in a single hit!

The Plan:[edit]


high elf


Take 3 levels in fighter. Choose the champion martial archetype and take the dueling fighting style.


Take 4 levels in ranger. Choose the hunter ranger archetype and take the defense fighting style. Choose Colossus Slayer as your 3rd level hunter feature.


Take 13 levels in rogue. You gain sneak attack dealing 7d6 damage. Gain three ability score improvements and the incredible, fantastic, reliable talent. Choose the arcane trickster rouguish archetype.


Take the Mobile and Elven Accuracy feats using two of your ability score improvements.


Use a rapier. Hold a shield in your other hand.

How it all comes together:[edit]

It's rather simple. Cast Zephyr Strike as a bonus action. Your movement speed increases by 30 ft to a total of 70 feet. Additionally, you gain the benefits of a disengage action so you can hit and run no problem. You gain advantage on the next attack you make, giving you sneak attack damage. If they're below maximum health, then you deal additional damage with colossus slayer. Then, instead of making an attack, cast booming blade. This makes your attacks deal a whopping d8 rapier damage, d8 colossus slayer damage, d8 zephyr strike damage, 1d8 to 3d8 booming blade damage, and 7d6 sneak attack damage plus seven dexterity and fighting style damage to a possible total of 6d8 + 7d6 + 7 to an average of 58.5 damage. Additionally, your attacks score critical hits on 19s and 20s, increasing your critical hit chance to 28%. When you critical hit, your attacks deal an incredible average damage of 110.

You'll have 4 1st level spell slots, 3 2nd level spell slots, and 3 3rd level slots. Should you run out of zephyr strikes, no problem. You'll sacrifice 30 feet of movement, but you can use your bonus action to use your versatile trickster feature, giving you the advantage you need to deal the sneak attack damage. Additionally, with your mobile feat, you don't provoke opportunity attacks from creatures you've already attacked. No matter what, you'll be dealing incredible amounts of damage every time you hit. Worried about being followed? Booming blade's got you covered. People don't feel inclined to move when they know they'll take a couple d8 damage every time they do.


This is the way I'd play the character. Feel free to modify, mix, and match all you want.

Point buy with high elf ability scores[edit]

Str: 8 Dex: 17 Con: 10 Int: 15 Wis: 13 (to multiclass into Ranger) Cha: 10

Level 1[edit]

Ranger. For proficiency in medium armor and martial weapons. Choose booming blade as your high elf cantrip.

Level 2[edit]

Ranger. Take zephyr strike as one of your spells. Choose the dueling fighting style.

Level 3[edit]

Ranger. Choose the hunter ranger archetype. Choose colossus slayer.

Level 4[edit]

Ranger. Gain the elven accuracy feat. Increase Dexterity to 18

Level 5[edit]

Fighter. Choose the defense fighting style.

Level 6[edit]

Fighter. Gain action surge.

Level 7[edit]

Fighter. Choose the champion martial archetype. Gain improved critical. You now can crit farm with elven accuracy zephyr strike.

Level 8[edit]

Rogue. Gain sneak attack.

Level 9[edit]

Rogue. Gain cunning action. A versatile ability for when you run out of zephyr strike.

Level 10[edit]

Rogue. Gain another sneak attack die. Choose the arcane trickster roguish archetype. Take the toll the dead cantrip for ranged combat.

Level 11[edit]

Rogue. Increase your intelligence to 16 and wisdom to 14.

Level 12[edit]

Rogue. Gain another sneak attack die. Gain uncanny dodge, a way to use your reaction powerfully.

Level 13[edit]

Rogue. Nothing major here. Your choice on expertise.

Level 14[edit]

Rogue. Gain another sneak attack die and evasion.

Level 15[edit]

Rogue. Gain the mobile feat.

Level 16[edit]

Rogue. Gain magical ambush, gives you a deadly way to use toll the dead while hidden.

Level 17[edit]

Rogue. Gain the medium armor master feat to improve your stealth and increase your AC to 21 with half plate armor.

Level 18[edit]

Rogue. Gain another sneak attack die. Gain the mighty, fantastic, scary powerful reliable talent.

Level 19[edit]

Rogue. Increase your intelligence to 18 for improved arcane trickster spellcasting.

Level 20[edit]

Rogue. Gain another sneak attack die. Gain the versatile trickster feature.

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