Boon of Hourai (5e Epic Boon)

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Boon of Hourai[edit]

You have partaken of the most potent immortality elixir in all of existence and gain the benefit for each taste of it:

First Taste: You do not age past the point where your race reaches maturity. Any aging you've experienced past maturity before acquiring this boon will happen in reverse at a 1:1 ratio, until you reach that point, and you are immune to any effect that would age you.

Second Taste: You gain resistance to all damage, along with immunity to all status conditions. Furthermore, you are immune to all diseases, magical or otherwise, and you automatically succeed on all Constitution saving throws.

Final Taste: You gain immunity to the effects of extreme cold and extreme heat, can survive incredibly high altitudes, and cannot gain more than four levels of exhaustion. In addition, you no longer require food, sleep, drink, or air. Additionally, should you die, you return to life at the start of the next turn, as if affected by true resurrection, but with one level of exhaustion. This happens even if your body is not intact. You cannot return to life if your soul is trapped (i.e. by a lich's phylactery).

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