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Boon of Divine Sense Mastery[edit]

You've proven your extraordinary commitment to the fight of Good vs. Evil, enhancing your connections to the Divine beyond that of most mortals. Your Divine Sense now allows you to sense all auras of good and evil within 60 feet while also providing you a transcendent ability to directly interact with them.

  • Using your Divine Sense ability becomes an object interaction, requiring you to only touch your holy symbol and focus on it for a moment. Over the next minute, each martial melee hit you make with a one-handed weapon deals extra radiant or psychic damage (your choice) equal to your Charisma modifier, as each strike also serves to destroy connections to evil itself.
  • Also on your turn while using this ability with a one-handed martial melee weapon, when you score a critical hit or reduce a creature to 0 hit points you can cause the aura of good around you to flare up. You or an ally of your choosing within 30 feet can regain hit points equal to the amount of damage dealt, up to a maximum of your character level plus Charisma modifier. If you are mounted on your summoned steed (from Find Steed or Find Greater Steed), you both can be healed in a single use of this ability. A character can only be healed this way once per short rest.
  • At the end of each of your turns after the first while using Divine Sense Mastery, you must make a Charisma saving throw to maintain your composure and keep this special sense active. The DC is 5 the first round and increases by 5 each subsequent round until maxing out at DC30. Whenever your Divine Sense Mastery ends, the DC resets and you must wait one round before you are able to use it again.

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