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Some Enchanters are able to use the power of a secret form of Magic called Mana, that is formerly defined as the "Mysterious form of energy that control all things, all persons and, possibly, the Deities". These enchanters are called "Spellcasters", and this can make them to be confused with these spellcasters that use Arcane, Divine, and some times, Psionic Powers.


Chapter 1: Spellcasters In this chapter there are three spellcasting classes: the Sourcerous Warrior, the Elementalist and the Taumargic Archer

Chapter 2: Mystical Races In this chapter are presented three mystical races, races that incanalate Mana Energy and use it for strange purposes, like eating or moving. The races are presented in two variants: one with mana powers and one with only some little mana related feats

Chapter 3: Mana Powers In this chapter all the rules relating to mana are presented. There are variants of the rules too, and is introduced a new action type: the Multi-Round Action, that need more than a round for be completed and only in the last round the power will be used.

Chapter 4: Traits, Flaws and Feats In this chapter there are many Traits, Flaws and Feats related to mana.

Chapter 5: Mana, Arcane and Divine Magic In this chapter there are some explanations about the relations between Mana and Magic...

Chapter 6: Mana and Psionic Powers In this chapter the relation between Mana and Psionic Power are explained

Addendum 1: BoM and other Books In this chapter are presented some House Rules regarding other books and BoM...This Chapter is constantly updated, for this, I cannot define it as a Chapter, but as a simple "Addendum"

Addendum 2: Mystical Creatures Here are thirty mystical creatures and a new "Mystical" template that will permit you to transform every creature in a Mystical creature. There are fifty default creatures conversions too and a Tarrasque particular version adapted to fit this rules and incorporate it with Strange powers

Addendum 3: Spellcasting PrCs In this chapter there are some classes that aren't there in the Chapter 1: The Spellcasting PrCs...

Addendum 4: Mana Pantheon In this chapter, the five deities that a Spellcaster venerates are presented, and two demigods, Thar and Kilas, are presented. The Power, The Karma and the Life domains are showed and applied to these deities, basing on their Alignment

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