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Body Control (Con; Armor Penalty; Trained Only; Power)[edit]

Check: Using this skill allows a character to mimic the physical actions of others observed. When the character observes another person doing something that is physical, like a martial arts technique or a gymnastics technique, the character can mimic it. If observing someone who makes an attack, uses a skill that involves physical movement, someone dodge an attack, or jump out of the way of a trap the character can then mimic the observed persons BAB, skill ranks, class defense bonus, or base reflex save bonus. The amount of the observed person’s ability mimicked is determined by the check result.

Example: Julie watches her friend Kaleb run and tumble past some thugs without getting hurt (using the tumble skill). She can use this skill to mimic her friend’s ability to tumble and either use his total ranks in the skill or half of the ranks in the skill based on her check result, instead of her own. Another example is if she observed Kaleb being shot at with a gun and he dodges it (the attacking character misses). Julie can use this skill to use his class defense bonus, or half this amount, instead of her own.

Amount Mimicked Check DC
Half of the BAB, skill ranks, class defense bonus, or base reflex bonus 10
All of the BAB, skill ranks, class defense bonus, or base reflex bonus 20

Try Again?: Yes, but only if the character observes the action being mimicked again.

Time: Using this skill takes a swift action to use as a reaction to the action being observed.

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