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Elf Subrace[edit]

Sarriq stood there, the intricate runes that swirled up and down her arms signalled that she was of high stature in the Blood Elf world. There was nothing for it. She had started, she had to end it now. There was no going back.

Blood Elves look similar to High Elves in nature, with their skin being various shades of gold and bronze to tanned white. They generally have blonde hair, brown hair, and even black hair, although it is rare. With gold, green, and red eyes. Occasionally their eyes are other colours, but this is considered a great rarity among the Blood elves. Tall and slender, just like the Sun elves and other races of high elves, the Blood elves are considered beautiful even by Elven standards.

The Blood Elves were once just like the Sun Elves, living amongst them and within their society, but were felled during a great war, only to be resurrected again. They looked very similar to their original selves, but had different racial abilities. Where the Sun Elves had an affinity with light and radiant energy and magic, the Blood Elves took a more ethereal, sinister turn. They were not called Sun Elves for any physical quality that they had, rather, they were called Blood Elves for the magic they had an affinity with. Blood Magic. They were outcast from the standard community of the Sun Elves and left, most of them through a Portal that was closed behind them, and no one knew where it led. They, however, did. A world called Orizon. They took to the Skylands there, and took sailing through the air on the airships. Orizon was their new home.

The Blood Elves have a complex hierarchy of a society, and it would never do to describe it here. One fact that is a must, is that the amount of runes and tattoos an Elf has symbolizes their rank in society. No tattoos, or red tattoos, symbolizes an outcast of society. Swirling Red tattoos symbolize a standard, common Elf. Swirling Gold runes symbolize an elf of a higher ranked house.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increase by 2, however, your Charisma and Constitution score both decrease by 1.
Blood Magic. At the third level, the Blood Elf may utilize any exposed blood to create simple weapons. They retain the same stats as a standard version of itself.

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