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Blade Master

A Blade Master, from!

When creating a blade master, think ahead of what you want your character to be. An honorable samurai, an intelligent sage, or an unstoppable sword fighter? First, make either Strength or Dexterity your primary stat, then make the one you didn't choose your next highest, then follow with Constitution and the other 3 are up to you! This class often works best with a feudal Asian Setting.

Class Features

As a Blade Master you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Blade Master level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Blade Master level after 1st


Armor: Light armor, medium armor, and shield
Weapons: All swords, daggers, short bows crossbows, Longbow
Tools: None
Saving Throws: Strength, Dexterity
Skills: Choose 3 from, Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception, Nature, History, Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, and Religion


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) Any sword or (b) Shortsword and shield
  • (a) shortsword or (b) 2 Daggers
  • (a) explorer's pack or (b) dungeoneer's pack

Table: The Blade Master

Level Proficiency
1st +2 Fighting Style, Preferred Weapon
2nd +2 Fancy Footwork
3rd +2 Fighting Path, Blade Mastery
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement, Weapon Bond
5th +3 Extra Attack, Fighting Path feature
6th +3 Ability Score Improvement, Fighting Path Feature
7th +3 Blade Shield
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 Fighting Path Feature, Reach
10th +4 Fighting Path Feature
11th +4 Extra Attack
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 Blade Offense
14th +5 Ability Score Improvement
15th +5 Fighting Path Feature
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement, Fast as Lightning
17th +6 Deadly Blade
18th +6 Stance
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6 Fighting Path Feature, Unstoppable Blade

Fighting Style

Choose 2 of the following Fighting Styles at 1st level. choose another at 2nd level, 4th level, 2 at 6th level, 8th level, 2 at 10th level, 14th level and 2 at 18 level.

1st level

Sword Duelist. Prerequisite: 1st level; Whenever you successfully hit an enemy with a sword or a dagger instead of dealing damage you may have them make a Dexterity saving throw. (DC = 10 + proficiency bonus + your Strength or Dexterity modifier if the weapon has fineness ) On a failed save they are knocked prone.

Blade Master. Whenever an enemy hits you with a melee attack that deals damage, you can use your reaction to make a single melee attack against that creature.

Melee Specialist. Whenever you score a critical hit against an enemy with a sword or a dagger, you may automatically grapple them.

Charger. If you move at least 20 feet towards a creature before making your first attack on each turn. You gain advantage on that attack on that creature.

Dark Art Blade Master You deal damage 5 extra damage on every successful hit, and lose 5 hit points on every unsuccessful hit.

Light Art Blade Master. You deal 5 less damage on a successful hit, and gain temporary hit points equal to your blade master level on every successful hit.

Life Master. After being dropped to 0 or less hit points you can make an attack of Opportunity on the creature who attacked you if they are in range either melee or range attack if able, if you hit them you instead dropped to 1 hit point. You will need to make a long rest to use this ability again.

Death Master. Upon dealing the killing blow on a creature you can use dash as a free action once per turn and you gain a extra action. Sword and Shield. With a sword and shield equipped you can as a free action add the shields Armor Class modifier to your future attack rolls for 1 round this lowers your AC by its Armor Class modifier.

Dagger Marksman. Each thrown daggers deal extra 1d4 damage as well as range is doubled. This ability may be taken again at level 14, allowing you to throw an additional daggers instead .

Sword Hunter. Magical swords call to you. You are drawn to them. You have advantage on attack rolls on creatures who have magical swords.

Unarmed Sword. Your Armor Class is equal to 10 plus your Dexterity modifier plus your Constitution modifier this only applies when you are wearing no armor, no shield and have a sword equipped.

Elemental Sword. you can make your weapon take on an elemental damage type of your choice at will. When you have a long rest you may change the elemental type. Each elemental type also have additional effects: Fire: +2 fire damage. Cold:When you have a successful attack against the target , the target loses 10fts of movement and have disadvantage against dexterity saves. Lightning: +1 lightning damage to your damage rolls and the next attack against the target will have advantage on the attack roll.

Finisher. You deal double damage to prone creatures. Sword and Dagger. You may add your daggers damage dice to your swords damage dice once per-round when you land a successful attack.

Sword and Fist. Once per turn you may as a bonus action make an attack with your fist. If the attack is successful the attack deals 2d4 bludgeoning damage on successful hit, and grants you advantage on your next attack roll using a sword .

4th level:

Sword Mauler. Prerequisite: Strength 15, 4th level or higher; When you have grappled a creature you may stab and impale the creature then throw them 10 feet away. If you do they land prone and take 2d10 damage .

6th level: Tri-blade Wielder. Prerequisite: 6th level or higher; You have learned to wielded 3 swords at once. (One in both hands one in your mouth). If your first attack is successful you may continue with the second blade, if the attack is successful you may attack with your third blade. But you lose 2 AC and 1 AC every time you attack until the start of your next turn after this.

8th level: Unarmed Sword Master. Prerequisite: Unarmed Sword and level 8 or higher. Your Armor Class is equal to 13 + Dexterity + Constitution and you can not be knocked prone.

10th level: Six deadly Strikes. Prerequisite: 10th level or higher and Tri-blade Wielder; You have learned to wield three blades, and now you know how to strike with them. When you attack someone, you may choose to us this feature. You attack six times, but on one target only and must hit the attack before( if you hit with the first, attack with the second,etc). After this, you lose 4 AC and 1 AC every attack after this.

Zatoichi. Prerequisite: 10th level or higher; You gain blindsight of 30fts.

Double-sided Sword Style. Prerequisite: A Double-sided blade, 10th level or higher; As a action you can make a attack roll at disadvantage if it hits the target is afflicted with bleed that deals 1d4 damage every turn.The bleeding will stop if the target get healed or if someone do a medicine check CD 10 on him. You become proficient with double-sided sword.

Demonic Blade Prerequisite: 10th level or higher; When you land a successful hit you may lose 20 life to add 3 of you weapons hit die to your damage roll at will. This can be done a number of times equal to your Constitution modifier per long rest.

Angelic Blade. Prerequisite: 10th level or higher; When you make an attack roll you may choose to have it deal half damage if you do and the hit lands you may regain hit points equal to the other half of the damage at will.

Dual Wielder Duelist. Prerequisite: Duel wielding Swords, 10th level or higher; Must have a bladed weapon in both hands. Your offhand attacks gain Strength or Dexterity modifier to damage and +1 AC.

One blade, One Strike. Prerequisite: Sword Duelist Fighting Style, 10th level or higher; As an action on your turn you may attack 2 enemies with one attack in part of your regular attack. The enemy's must both be adjacent to each other . This ability cannot be used again until you finish a short rest.

Blade wall Prerequisite: Blade Master Fighting Style, 10th level or higher; As a reaction you may redirect a Melee attack made on you to a ally adjacent to you or the creature attacking you. You may do this equal to your Dexterity modifier.

14th level: Seven Swords Style. Prerequisite: 14th level or higher; this replaces Tri-blade wielder. You pull a sword faster than the eye can see and attack. When you attack, if you successfully hit with your first blade, you may continue with your second blade, and do the same with the other five blades until you fail an attack. You juggle the blades attacking then let go of sword and pulled another for another attack when attack ends you have two swords in hands, but after, you lose 5 AC and every time you attack until the start of your next turn, you lose 1 AC. You must stop attacking when your AC is 10.

Shield Bash. Prerequisite: Sword and shield Fighting Style 14th level or higher; After a successful attack you may as a bonus action bash the enemy with your shield knocking them back 10 feet and stunned for 1 round. If they are a size larger than you it has no effect.

18th level: Tri-slash Attack. Prerequisite: 18th level or higher and Six deadly strikes; You have learned how to attack several times a second, and now you have learned how to attack several different people a second. You make three attacks on one person, dash up to a fifteen foot line to another dealing your damage of your sword to anyone in it, make three attacks against that person, dash again, and make three more attacks, then dash back.

Aspect of Rage Prerequisite: 20 Strength, 18th level or higher, Over-sized Fighting Style; You may dual wield two heavy and two-handed swords.

Aspect of Lightning Prerequisite: 20 Dexterity, 18th level or higher ; You may as a bonus action cause lightning to arc from your weapon after a successful hit the creature you hit takes 2d10 chain lightning damage must make sure Dexterity saving throw (DC= 10+ Proficiency Bonus+ Dexterity), on a failed save you have advantage on your next attack on that creature. You gain an additional +5 to hit and damage. Your body becomes much more durable channeling the lightning, gaining resistance to Slashing and piercing. the chain lightning also arcs to hit for 1d10 damage nearby enemies up to 10 feet away. Those in the area of effect may make a Dexterity save for half damage. Requires a long rest to use again.

Oversized Weapon Master. Prerequisite: 20 Strength ; You may now wield heavy slashing weapons even on both d hands with no negative effects and are proficient with them. The weapon cannot be more than double your size.

Acrobatic Combatant. You can use your action to leap over an adjacent enemy and land on a space next to them at the cost of 10 movement speed if you do you don't provoke attacks of Opportunity from that enemy by using this action.

Preferred Weapon

At level 1, you have a preferred weapon. Choose a type of sword, and it deals 1d8 and is one handed, finesse and light while you wield it. At level 8, it becomes a d10, and at level 17, d12. If you want to play as a heavy wielder, increase the die by one(d10-d12-d12+1-d12+2-d12+3)If you are dexterity based, you can offhand without losing anything.

Fancy footwork

When you reach 2th level,Blade Master gain +10 to speed if wearing no armor. At level 6, you dont provoke opportunity attacks while wearing no armor and at level 12, you can add your charisma to your AC.

Fighting Path

When you reach 3rd level you can choose one of the following Fighting Paths: The Path of the Blade, or The Path of the Mind

Blade Weapon Mastery

When you attack with your preferred weapon, you can take a -5 penalty to hit, and gain a +10 to the damage roll. Also when you roll a critical hit or kill a creature, you can make an attack as a bonus action.

Weapon Bond

at 4th level you can choose a weapon that you have become bound to, once bound to a weapon you can not be disarmed from that weapon unless incapacitated. As long as the blade is in the same plane as you, you can use a bonus action to summon the weapon to your hand. This happens again at 6th, 8th, and 12th level. At level 6, all your Bonded Weapon’s attacks are magical. At level 8, they gain a throwing range of 20/60,but you make half the amount of attacks and returning your weapon is a free action. You get a range of 40/120 at level 12

Ability Score Improvement

When you reach 4th level, and again at 6th, 8th, 12th, 14th, 16th, and 19th you can increase one ability score of you choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Blade Barrier

At level 7, your speed of blades make it hard for the enemy to hit. All attacks have disadvantage against you while you are wielding your preferred weapon, as you have a whirlwind of blades around you. This affect ends if you take damage until the end of your next turn, as you regain your pace.


When you reach 9rd level, You have reach up to 10 feet with any sword or slashing weapon with no disadvantage.

Blade Offense

When you reach level 13, your skill is so good with swords that you have advantage on melee weapon attacks while wielding more swords than the creature you are attacking, or while wielding a heavy weapon.

Fast as Lightning

Your agility is insane and beyond limits. At level 16, you can increase your Dexterity above 20 up to a max of 8 + Blademaster level. You can also attack without notice while you have a dexterity of 22 or higher making your attack out of combat auto hit.

Deadly Blade

At level 17, when you attack with your preferred weapon, you can take a -3 penalty to gain +10 damage, instead of -5, and when you hit with all your attacks, you can make another attack.


Your precision with your eye allows you to see where the enemy is about to hit. At level 19, you choose a stance which you can change as a bonus action;‘Stance of Defense’ or ‘Stance of Offense’. Defense gives you bonus to AC and Dexterity saves equal to your proficiency bonus halved (rounded down) and Offense gives you the same except to your attack bonus and damage. You count as concentrating while this stance is active.

Unstoppable Blade

When you reach 20th level in this class you become the true Master of the Blade, you know the sword inside out upside and down, no-one can best you in a sword battle. You can draw upon your deepest stamina and power bursting forth in an unstoppable flurry of strikes swung with pure perfection, the player must declare using this ability before the round goes also each attack has a +3 to hit and a +3 to damage plus you gain double your speed, gain extra attacks equal to the half of your Dexterity modifier(rounded down)and gain +3 AC; this ability last for rounds equal to your con modifier. After your attack you are exhausted; suffering exhaustion level 4. You can not use this ability until you are no longer suffering exhaustion.

The Path Of The Blade

Focused Attack: When you take this path at 3rd level you focus all of your training to become the best with the sword(s) you use becoming an unstoppable fighting force with them. You gain + 2 to attack rolls, and at level 13, +2 to your attacks damage.

Weapon Familiarity: At 5th level, you've come to gain an understanding of your weapon gain an extra attack when you hit 2 consecutive attacks with a weapon you are proficient in.When you reach level 13,you gain another extra attack if you hit with 4 attacks.

Swordsman's Proficiency: At 6rd level when you make an attack with a weapon you are proficient with you may roll the attack without any proficiency bonus and add your proficiency bonus to the damage roll. You need to choose do this before the attack roll.

Blink: At 9rd level, you can dash behind an opponent at breakneck speed and attack them. As a bonus action choose a target that is at least 30ft of you, and you appear behind him:for the rest of the turn the target is surprised and takes 1d10 extra psychic damage on each attack made against him. You can use this ability a amount of time equal to your intelligence modifier(minimum 1) per long rest. In a short rest you regain 1 use.

Versatile Sword: When you reach 10th level in this class you become a versatile sword fighter, whenever you wish you can change your sword's damage from slashing to piercing or bludgeoning on your round as a free action.

Unseen Blade: When you reach 15th level in this class you have trained your hands to move faster with your blade, as a action you make five attacks against a target. These attacks must be made against just one target and all attacks roll are already considered successful. You need to see the target to use this ability. You need to take a long rest to use this ability again and gain 1 level of exhaustion.

Path of the Thousand Cuts: When you reach 20th level in this class your sword becomes an extension of your arm, You have learned the Thousand Cuts Path feature The Thousand Cuts: You may use one of these abilities once per long rest. You gain 2 levels of exhaustion afterwards.

One creature within 50 feet of you makes a Dexterity saving throw equal to 10+ your proficiency bonus + your Strength or Dexterity Modifier. They have disadvantage on the roll. On a failed save, they take 15d10 slashing damage and is knocked prone. On a success they take half as much.


You may make a single attack on any number of creatures in a 30 foot radius.

The Path Of The Mind

Intellectual Blade: When you take this path at 3rd level you focus on honing your mind and mental abilities to become the ultimate fighter. Your AC is increased by half your Intelligence modifier while you have a sword equipped.

Sword and Mind of one purpose: When you reach 5th level in this class you master the body and the ability to minimize the amount of damage done to you, when you receive a damage that is less than you blade master level + your wisdom modifier you may ignore it.

Sword and Mind of one purpose: When you reach 6th level, your allies gain advantage on attack rolls made against all creatures within 10 feet of the Blade Master.

Sound Body: When you reach 9th level in this class your able to use your full round action to calm your mind gaining an Armor Bonus equal to your Proficiency Bonus, as well as all subsequent damage is reduce by your Armor Class. (To a maximum of 20.) Furthermore, you gain resistances to Slashing, Bludgeoning, and Piercing from non-magical magical attacks.

Vigilant Protector: When you reach 10th level in this class you master the mind and skill, you have advantage on initiative checks and all your allies also gain advantage on initiative checks as long as they are within 60 feet of you.

Path of Patience: When you reach 15th level in this class you become a master of the mind and control of the body, with utter control of your every action and movement, when you take any damage you may add that damage to a successful hit on a creature you are attacking on your next turn. (This applies to the highest damage taken during that round not a total of all damages of that round.) Your mind start to control your body better you no longer need to eat and drink.

Path of Patience: When you reach 20th level, your body become ageless you becomes immortal, you no longer need breath . You no longer age, becoming a forever ageless Swordsman. And you can regain 3d10 hit points by not moving and using your bonus action,also making your limbs and organs regrow and curing any diseases.

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