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Bind Creature[edit]

Your will is not your own.

Level: 2 Component Cost: 5 healing surges
Category: Binding Market Price: 200 gp
Time: 2 hours Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: 24 hours, renewable

This ritual targets a bound or incapacitated creature who must remain within a 10 foot diameter ritual circle for the entire duration of the ritual. The component cost may be shared by up to 4 others, each providing a single healing surge towards the cost. Once the ritual has begun, the ritual caster or casters may not take any further actions to prevent the target from leaving the circle, or the ritual immediately fails and the caster who violated this requirement takes an immediate 4d10 necrotic damage, followed by 2 ongoing necrotic damage for 10 minutes (100 rounds).

After the ritual has completed, the creature is enthralled for 24 hours, or until the primary caster of the ritual dies. The "Enthralled" status effect is as follows:

Enthralled (Status Condition)
  • The creature treats the one enthralling it (the enthraller) as its ally, and can be ordered to change who it considers to be an ally by the enthraller. Any such changes end when the status effect ends.
  • The creature's goals and desires can be changed by the enthraller's command, which must be understood by the creature to go into effect. Any such changes end when the status effect ends.
  • On the creature's initiative, the creature can be ordered by the enthraller to perform any action it is capable of doing, as a free action.

When this status condition ends, the creature will not retain any memory of its time while enthralled.

The primary ritual caster may spend a healing surge while in the presence of the target to increase the duration by 24 hours. A creature who is enthralled in this manner for 30 consecutive days has the duration of the ritual changed to permanent.

A caster may not perform this ritual more than once per 30 days, and may have a maximum of three creatures enthralled by this ritual at any time. A failed ritual does not count towards the 30 day limit.

At the time of the ritual's completion, the primary caster must make an Arcana check against the target's Will defense score.

Arcana Check Result
Less than Target's Will Defense The ritual fails.
Up to Target's Will Defense +2 The target retains partial control and may roll a moderate DC Wisdom or Charisma check to resist an order they would normally refuse.
Up to Target's Will Defense +5 The target retains partial control and may roll a hard DC Wisdom or Charisma check to resist an order they would normally refuse.
Target's Will Defense +6 or Higher The target is fully enthralled, and cannot resist any command.

This ritual can only be purchased and used by evil NPCs.

Creatures of size Large or larger cannot be targeted by this ritual.

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