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Betraying Blessing[edit]

Contracting Betraying Blessing[edit]

Betraying Blessing can be given in a number of ways. However, mainly, it is given to power hungry adventurers by a deity or other powerful being.


Stage 1[edit]

At first, this disease appears to be a Blessing. For D10 hours, the afflicted is given one of the following effects.


The afflicted gain 5 increase to an ability score.


The afflicted can cast enlarge on themself at will with a bonus action.


The afflicted is given the ability to cast one spell at will, with no material components.


The target can cast Polymorph on themself at will.

You can make your own effects. Be creative.

Stage 2[edit]

After the D10 hours are over, the afflicted keeps its ability. However, things aren’t always as they seem. From now on, every day, roll a D4. On a 1, the aflicted can no longer use its ability for D20 hours. On a 2, the afflicted gains one effect from the following table, for the specified time. On a 3, the afflicted gets a wonky table effect applied to there ability for D20 hours. On a 4, the afflicted can use their ability fine.


Note: all effects are unavoidable and decided by dm.

Bad effects[edit]

Roll a D20 on this table. 1, The afflicted is targeted with Polymorph every D20 minutes. The Polymorph stays for D20 minutes. Lasts for D4 days. 2, the afflicteds face melts, giving them - 5 to charisma checks. This lasts for D20 hours. 3, the afflicteds body becomes iron, they move stiffly, with AC 25, speed 10ft, and dexterity 0. Lasts for 1 day. 4, the afflicteds arm muscles vanish, leaving them with -10 to strength. The effect lasts for D20 hours. 5, the afflicteds legs disappear, but they grow wings. They lose walking speed and gain 15ft flying speed. Lasts 1 day. 6, the afflicted loses lungs and gets gills. Now, they can only breath underwater. Lasts for d12 hours. 7, the afflicted is paralyzed every d100 minutes. They are paralyzed for d10 minutes. Lasts for 1 day. 8, the afflicted will shrink down to half height after D4 hours. They stay shrunk for D8 days. 9, the afflicted will slowly become insectoid. They steadily shrink to D4 millimeters tall and grow insect parts over D12 hours. This is permanent, but can be removed with a remove curse spell or similar cast with 5th level or higher. 10, the afflicted is targeted with alter self every d10 minutes. These alters don’t end, and stack. Lasts for D4 days. 11, the afflicted becomes liquid like, and can’t interact with any objects. It’s clothing won’t attach to them, and they can’t hold weapons. This lasts for 4d12 hours. 12, the afflicted is targeted by gaseous form. They stay this way for 10d12 minutes. Then the effect ends. 13, the afflicteds brain function is limited. - 5 to wisdom and intelligence. This lasts for d4 days. 14, the afflicted is now lethargic. After any fight or exhausting encounter, they must make a DC 15 saving throw (no type). On a failure, they fall asleep for d20 minutes and can’t be woken. Lasts for D4 days. 15, roll on a table for random effects such as the wild magic table every d20 minutes. 16, the afflicted will transform into a mutated beast, becoming half dm choice and half whatever they were before. Their armor breaks, and they gain armor of the beast mutated into. They gain an average of both stats, and are unable to cast spells until the effect is cured. Can be cured with remove curse or similar spell with level 5 or higher. 17, the afflicted begins to spontaneously change size. Every d12 minutes, flip a coin. Heads, roll a D4, they grow that many sizes. Tails, they shrink D4 sizes. Equipment changes with them. This lasts for d10 days. 18, the afflicted begins to heat up. They contract fever, and begin to melt ice around them. After D8 hours, they deal D4 Fire damage to anything they touch (including objects). This lasts for d4 days. 19, the afflicted begins to spontaneously change weight. Roll a D4. 1, they become weightless. 2, they become stuck to the floor heavy. 3, every minute they gain one pound and D4 inches height. 4, every minute they lose one pound and shrink D4 inches. This lasts for one day. 20, roll twice and choose 2 effects.

Wonky Table[edit]

Roll a D12. Note, if their ability is constant, every other time their ability comes into play, the effect happens. 1, their ability becomes inverted, they shrink instead of grow, they can’t control their polymorph, they lose the score instead of getting it, etc. Lasts for D4 weeks 2, when using their ability, creatures around them get partial effect. This lasts one week. 3, their ability causes side effects, roll on a random effects table. Lasts for one week. 4, their ability consumes magical energy. Nobody can cast spells within a five foot radius of them 10 minutes after using their ability. This lasts for d4 weeks. 5, their ability consumes their energy. They gain a level of exhaustion every time they use their ability. Lasts for one week. 6, their ability causes chaotic size shifting. In a five foot radius after using their ability, creatures are affected by a size shift. Roll a D4 for each creature. 1, the creature shrinks one size level. 2, the creature grows one size level. 3, the creature grows D4 size levels. 4, the creatures shrinks D4 size levels. These changes last D4 hours each. Lasts for d6 days. 7, their ability causes them nausea. Every time they use their ability, they must make a dc 15 constitution saving throw or spend their next action vomiting. Lasts for D4 weeks. 8, their ability is no longer controlled by them. Every d20 minutes, their ability activates, not under their control. If their ability is constant, their ability either, D4. 1, disables. 2, activates. 3, inverts. 4, changes in some other way. Lasts for one week. 9, their ability manifests in the form of creatures. Every time they use their ability, summon a creature related to their ability. The creature is hostile to the afflicted. Lasts for one week. 10, their ability triggers more betrayal. Each time they use their ability, roll a D4. On a 4, roll a bad effect on the table. This lasts D4 weeks.


Can not be cured conventionally. The source of the blessing can revoke it if it wishes, and a wish can dispel it, but nothing else.

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