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Batheron's Heel[edit]

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

The Thri-Manipulus
The main humanoid found on Batheron's Heel, complete with several racial feats and randomized clan creators.
The thri-manipulus are prone to mutation.

World of Batheron's Heel

The World & Locales
The continent is vast, and it's ecosystem varied. Why not understand it better?
Time and History
The history of Batheron's Heel is not long, but still incredibly important to its current state of affairs.
Numerous differing thri-manipulus clans exist here, from the religious and maniacal Kryek to the relatively benevolent Vheil.
Other Factions
The strange bugmen aren't the only ones here.

Dungeon Master's Guide

This place is a bit complicated. Maybe distilling it down into a few paragraphs can help with that.
Horrid beasts found within the continent.
Other, less dangerous, creatures.
Did you expect an alien world to have familiar plantlife?
Thri-Manipulus statblocks, and other relevant people.
Monster Salvage
Several creatures within the continent can be harvested to create new and powerful items.
Other Magic Items
Not everything here can just be made so easily.
The wilderness is a strange and chaotic place, in Batheron's Heel, doubly so.
Variant Rules
This place isn’t exactly a walk in the park.
Adding to Batheron's Heel
Not everything here will make sense. You can help do something about that.

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