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One World, Many Continents[edit]

Baronan is a flat world with a single season. The sun passes over the same place every day, leading to some extreme climates. Baronan is made up of essentially 7 continents.

Illadia: Commonly referred to as the magic isles, Illadia is the magical capital of Baronan. It is a series of crazy islands warped by magic, and is the intersection of all of the magical leylines on Baronan. It is also the birthplace of many magical species, including elves, merfolk and gnomes.

Dystra: This lush continent near the centre of Baronan is known for it's beauty. Giant rain-forests with trees the size of mountains, meadows with magical creatures of all sizes, lakes with water so clear, you can see right to their depths. Dystra is known for its magical beauty, but also it's danger. Plant creatures that can kill you in a single bite, magical creatures that feed on unprepared prey, near-invisable sea creatures that can snap at any moment, Dystra is as hostile as it is beautiful

Dorga: Dorga is a somewhat isolated continent in the temperate section of Baronan. It is right near The Drop on the eastern edge, and travelling to and from Dorga is difficult, and dangerous. Rough seas, hidden rocks, magical beasts and other obstacles will threaten even the most skilled crew in Baronan. The people their are used to isolation. They only have each other, as barely any ships from other continents ever make it to Dorga.

Sanato: Sanato is the northern-most continent in Baronan. As such, it gets the brunt of the sun's fury on it. A giant arid desert, with little plant life makes civilisation hard in Sanato. It relies on frequent trading to its two harbours to survive, and only a couple of small towns live away from the coast.

Chyras: The southern-most continent in Baronan, Chyras is the polar oposite of Sanato, but with much of the same problems. A frozen wasteland with little plant life. A giant uncross-able mountain range, and a single port which is not easy to get to, the people of Chyras often have it harder than the people of Sanato, but they keep on living with grim determination to survive.

Borno: Technically not a continent, the man made island of Borno deserves a spot here. A giant floating city, stretching as far as the eye can see, and as high, it is the commerce capital of Baronan. It is supposedly run by the merchants guild, but really it's run by three different crime syndicates, all vying for control - the Buccaneer's Gang, the Trycan crime family, and the Thieve's Guild.

Forgotten Isles: A recently discovered group of islands in the far west of Baronan, the forgotten isles seems to be the homeplace of some ancient beings that lived long ago, with knowledge we can't even comprehend. Now it is just ruins, and ripe for adventuring. The forgotten isles' only two towns are just hubs for parties of adventurer's to go deep into the ruins, but it's not easy. The entire place is half underwater, and this ancient civilisation guards its secrets with complicated traps and terrifying constructs.

For ease, magic works the same way as in regular d&d, and all equipment that can be bought in regular d&d can be bought. The religion is aslo the same as the base d&d religion.

Player's Guide[edit]


A look at the geography and people of Baronan, how they interact, and information on the different continents of Baronan, as well as the different guilds of Baronan.


A brief look at the history of Baronan


The different class options you can choose, and how they interact with each other.


The different race options you can choose, and how they interact with each other.


A look at the background options you can choose.


A look at the different monsters and beasts in Baronan.

DM's Guide[edit]


A more in-depth look at specific parts of the world, and how guilds work, which they players don't know.

Varient Rules

Some varient rules that can be used in Baronan.


A look at some powerful artefacts in Baronan.

Adventures and Encounters

Some adventure prompts and example encounters in the different areas of Baronan.

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