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Astral Controller[edit]

Astral Controller[edit]

Astral controllers has to the power to control reality and cast any spell of any level. They have incredible energy, but having an understanding like this comes with combat difficulties and squishyness. To make up for this, you get abilities that can help your survivability, like astral protection from the sun and the moon, or to bend space and time.


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Creating an Astral Controller[edit]

Quick Build

You can make an astral controller quickly by following these suggestions. First, Intelligence should be your highest ability score, followed by Constitution or Wisdom. Second, choose the Sage background.

Class Features

As a Astral controller you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d2 per Astral controller level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 1d2 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d2 (or 2) + Constitution modifier per Astral controller level after 1st


Armor: none
Weapons: daggers, shortbows
Tools: none
Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom
Skills: Choose two from Arcana, History, Nature, Religion, and Survival

You must roll for your hit points when increasing them through leveling up.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) A dagger or (b) shortbow
  • (a) A dagger or (b) 15 arrows
  • (a) Explorer's pack or (b) scholar's pack
  • If you are using starting wealth, you have 1d4 x 5 in funds.

Table: The Astral controller

Level Proficiency
Features Spells known Cosmic energy
1st +2 The Child of Cosmos, Universe Reborn 4 2
2nd +2 Astral Utility 6 2
3rd +2 The Cosmic Worshiper 8 2
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 10 2
5th +3 Self made spell lv 1-3 12 3
6th +3 Subclass feature 14 3
7th +3 Cosmic understanding 16 3
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 18 3
9th +4 Psychic 20 4
10th +4 Self made spell lv 4-6 22 4
11th +4 Upgraded bending 24 4
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 26 4
13th +5 Life giver, Mega laser 28 5
14th +5 Subclass feature 30 5
15th +5 Self made spell lv 7-9 32 5
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 34 5
17th +6 Mastermind 36 6
18th +6 Subclass feature 38 6
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 40 6
20th +6 Self made spell lv 10 42 6

The Child of Cosmos[edit]

At level 1 you are able to communicate with cosmos and cast your magic by using Cosmo energy. Your spellcasting ability is intelligence. You have a really strong mind, giving you +4 to intelligence, but a -2 to strength and constitution. You have access to all spells in your spell list. You start with 4 spells at level 1 and you learn 2 new spell per level, and you don't need to prepare any of them.

Additionally you start with no spellslots and you don't gain any at higher levels. Instead you get cosmos energy equal to your proficiency bonus every level. These energies can be used to create spellslots. To create a spellslot you need to use your bonus action and as many Cosmo energies as the spell-level of the slot. When you use a spell slot that you have created, you get the Cosmo energy needed to create it back after a long rest. This gives you the flexibility to decide how many slots you want for each spellslot level. You start with 2 Cosmo energy at level 1.

There is a limit to how many slots you can create of each spell level, per long rest. That number being 11-(the spell slot level). Example: you can make a maximum of 4 level 7 spell slots (11-7=4).

Universe Reborn[edit]

At level 1, Your body might not be built for fighting, but that doesn't stop you from anything. You have advantage on death saving throws and if you have 0 hit points and you go up to 1, you regain half your max hit points instead. You only have 2 chances to either succeed or fail death fails (instead of 3). You only gain 1 fail if someone hits you with an attack while you are unconscious.

Astral Utility[edit]

At level 2, your powers have given you referent abilities that can help you through combat and other situations. You get 1 of these abilities at level 2. This number goes up to 2 at level 7 and 3 at level 14.

Shielding spell

Whenever you cast a spell you get temporary hit point equal to half the spells level rounded up, until the end of your next turn.

Multi tasking

You gain proficiency with one extra skill. You are also able to use your action to make 2 skill checks in 1action, instead of just 1. If you would have gotten advantage on one of them, you gain it on both.

Multi weapon

You can use both your bonus action and reaction to power up a weapon. Until your next turn, when you use that weapon you gain multi attack with it.

Powerful spells

When you make a creature roll a save against your spell DC you can use your bonus action to add your intelligence modifier 1 additional time to the DC. You can use this as many times as half your intelligence modifier rounded up per long rest.

Free spell

You can use your action to turn one of your level 1 spells into a cantrip. You can change that spell using another action. At level 13 you can use this ability to turn a level 2 spell.

The Cosmic Worshiper[edit]

At level 3 you get the astral controllers subclass. Choose between The worshiper of sun and moon, The worshiper of time, and The worshiper of space, all of them detailed at the end of the class description. Your choice grants you features at 3nd level and again at 6th, 14th, and 18th level.

Ability Score Improvement[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. You can't increase an ability score above 30 using this feature.

Self made spell lv 1-3[edit]

At level 5, after becoming one with cosmos, you gain the ability to create your own magical spells. You start with 2 self made spells at level 5, and you gain 1 additional per level. At higher levels you also gain the ability to create more powerful spells, but at level 5 you are restricted to only make level 1-3 spells. You create the spells using spellpoints. The spells have spellpoints equal to 3× its level. When creating it you first choose its type. Then you use its spellpoints to buy effects for it. The spellshop is listed under the subclasses.

Cosmic understanding[edit]

You now have an understanding beyond everyone else. At level 7 you are now able to gain an additional bonus to a roll equal to your intelligence modifier. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus per long rest. This ability works like this: A Barbarian might grab onto a massive rock, and push it aside, but an astral controller would use intelligence to understand how to push in order to make the rock slide away as easily as possible. By using this ability you could figure out how to do anything with max efficiency. You could figure out how to stealth from someone, or maybe persuade them.


At level 9 you gain telekinetic powers, and you can use these in all sorts of creative ways. You can use an action to magically grapple a creature or an object as long as its in line of sight. The DC is equal to 8+ proficiency bonus + intelligence modifier. You can carry the object, and move it in any direction you choose, as long as it is in your magical grapple. Your psychic carrying capacity is equal to 100 pounds × your intelligence modifier. You can use a bonus action to move the creature/object you have grappled. The speed you can carry the object is equal to (the creatures/objects weight in pounds-1000) divided by 20. You can use this ability equal to your proficiency bonus.

Self made spell lv 4-6[edit]

At level 10, you can now make level 4-6 spells.

Upgraded bending[edit]

At level 11,

Life giver[edit]

At level 13,

Mega laser[edit]

At level 13,

Self made spell lv 7-9[edit]

At level 15, you can now make level 7-9 spells.


At level 17,

Self made spell lv 10[edit]

At level 20, you can now make 1 single level 10 spell.

The worshiper of sun and moon[edit]

The astral controllers of this subclass have two different personalities. These personalities switch depending on if its day or night. These are also the more combat focused controllers. They use astral weapons powered by the sun and moon, to cast spells.

Day and night form

At 3rd level your body reacts to the power of the sun and moon. You gain proficiency with light armor, and simple weapons. Every long rest you choose 1 weapon that is going to be your galaxy weapon. Your galaxy weapon deals extra damage equal to half your maximum hit points - your current hit points rounded up. Your spellcasting focus becomes your galaxy weapon. You have 2 different forms. You cant choose which one you are in. You automatically become your sun form when the sun is out. If the moon is out you become your moon form. If both are out you can choose which one you want to be in and you can change it as an action. When you switch from, you also switch personality.

sun form

While you are in your sun form you can power up your weapon with fire. You can now cast the spell searing smite on your weapon. You can cast it as many times as your intelligence modifier per long rest, by using your bonus action. When casting the searing smite spell using this ability you don't need to expend a spellslot.

moon form

While you are in your moon form you gain powers from the moon. You gain 60ft darkvision (or +30ft if you already have 60ft). Additionally you also gain 30ft blindsight and 5ft truesight.

Fast and strong

At 6th level you gain different abilities depending on what form you are in. While you are in your sun form you gain proficiency with strength saving throws and the athletics skill. While you are in your moon form you gain proficiency with dexterity saving throws and the stealth skill. Your galaxy weapon can now absorb your Cosmo energy. It deals 1d6 for every 4 Cosmo energy inside it. You can put Cosmo energy inside it as a reaction.

Day shift

At 14th level you can switch between your forms at will. In a 60ft radius globe around you, you can spend your turn to make an illusion so that it looks like it is the opposite time of the day. While in this globe, you can switch between your sun and moon form at will. Any creature inside it must make a wisdom saving throw against your spell DC or think that it is the time of the day you choose. If someone tries to hit you with an attack, you can use your reaction to give yourself +2 AC by blocking with your galaxy sword.

Day and night form

At 18th your sun and moon forms now gain new abilities.

sun form

While you are in this form your body heats up and gives you magical abilities. When anyone hits you with a melee attack, everyone 10ft of you take 1d4 fire and 1d4 force damage and gets knocked 5ft away from you (including your allies). All of your spells that does fire damage or force damage do an extra 1d4 damage of the damage type you choose, and every creature gets knocked back 5ft from you. When you take fire damage you instead heal yourself for half the damage that you were supposed to take. If you are in contact with water you take 1d10 water damage and you loose all abilities from your sun form for 1 hour.

moon form

When you are in your moon form the power of the moon gives you abilities that closely resembles the moon. While you are in this form your skin turns to a blue/grey color. As a reaction you start shining light from your skin in a 30ft radius. When you shine, other creatures gain advantage on attack rolls against you. Additionally you can control water. What you need to do is expend spellslots that combined gives a total of 7 cosmic energy. You use the slots on controlling water for 5 rounds. You can more spellslots on this feature. For every extra cosmic energy it is worth you get an extra round.

As an action you can bend water to do 1 of these things:

1) You can make a 20ft by 20ft by 10ft wall of water that will catch any non magical projectiles.

2) You can cover a creatures head in water to grapple them. If they don't escape you grapple within 1d4+ their con modifier rounds, They instantly drop to 0 hp points.

3) You can cover yourself with a water armor. While you have this armor you can choose to become up to 20ft tall. You only attack with water fists dealing 1d6 cold damage. You can freely move around inside the water and launch yourself out of the armor, but you still take damage if someone damages your water armor. People have a +5 on attack rolls against you. If you launch yourself out of it, the water armor disappears and you take half fall damage.

4) You can shot a water gun at someone, dealing 3d10 + spell attack modifier cold damage. It also knock them 10-their con modifier ft away.

5) You can freeze any liquid.

The worshiper of time[edit]

The worshipers of time are the more defensive astral controllers, as they can use time to prevent attacks or see the future. You can also stop time, gaining you additional turns to fight or cast spells on.

Reverse time

At level 3 you can reverse time for a short period. If you get knocked out by an attack you can use your reaction to reverse time to before the point you got knocked. Roll an intelligence saving throw with advantage against the creatures attack roll. If you succeed you dodge the attack and get a free opportunity attack against the creature. If you fail, you get knocked down again and you cant use this feature again until another long rest. If you succeed you can use feature 1 more time and potentially get another use.


At 6th level you are able to go back in time and regain your hit points. As an action you can go back to the state and position you were 1 turn ago. You regain the hit points you previously had and you teleport to the place you were. You also loose all conditions you gained this turn. You can use this ability if you are unconscious. You can only use it once per long rest.

Future sight

At 14th level you are able to see the future. Once per long rest you can roll an intelligence check. For the next five turns, you can use a future point to re-roll either one of your own dice, or to force the DM to re-roll an attack or a check that a creature makes against you. Your future points depends on the number you rolled on your intelligence check:

Result future points
1-4 1
5-7 2
8-10 3
11-13 4
14-16 5
17-19 6
20-22 7
23-25 8
26 9
27 10
28 11
29 12
Za Warudo

At level 18 you are able to stop time and move freely around. You can stop time as a bonus action, and gaining another turn after this one. You can use your bonus action to gain another turn, even when you are in your extra turn. You can gain a total of turns each long rest equal to your intelligence modifier - 2.

The worshiper of space[edit]

The worshipers of space, can control space. This means that you gain abilities that lets you either create or destroy matter, and even teleport. It is more of a mixture of both offense and defense.


At level 3 you can create wormholes with your spellslots. The cost is spellslots that together = 3 cosmic energy. The two ends of the holes can be up to 60ft apart, and can go through walls. The hole is big enough to fit a large creature. Any projectile, spell, creature or any item or magic item that goes in the hole gets sucked in and spit out at the other end.


At 6th level you can choose to either teleport yourself, or teleport someone else. As an action you can choose one of these to things. 1) Choose a creature 100ft away from you or less. That creature must succeed a constitution saving throw or teleport to a space 5ft within you. If the creature failed you are able to attack it or cast a spell at it as a bonus action. 2) Teleport to a space 5ft within a friendly creature. The friendly creature must succeed a constitution saving throw. If it failed it regains hit points equal to its level. If it succeed you can cast a spell at it, if it is a non damaging spell that the creature is agreeing with you casting on it.


At level 14 you are able to erase anything from reality. As an action you can touch an object or a body part of a creature aside from the head or torso. The object or creature cant be of a size larger than large. After you have erased it you can recover it as a bonus action, by making it pop up in your hand or in front of you. If you do it to a creatures body part, the creatures max hit points becomes 1/6 of its original. A creature can negate this effect by succeeding a con save, and you can do this a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus per long rest.

Black hole eclipse

At 18th level you can create a small black hole. In order to do this you drop to 0 hit points and fall unconsious. The black hole only works for 1 creature, or one object, every other living organism or non living thing, molecule or planet is immune. A creature of size huge or gargantuan must succeed a dexterity saving throw with DC 40 (natural 20 doesn't count). If the creature fails it is dragged inside the black hole taking 100d10 per turn. The creature cant attack nor move. The creature may continue the saving throw, or give up on life on its turns. If it succeeds the black hole evaporates. You can only use Black hole eclipse once ever, and you never regain it.

Astral controller Spell List[edit]

You know all of the spells from levels 1-6, and all other spells made by you.

1st Level


2nd Level


3rd Level


4th Level


5th Level


6th Level


7th Level

Self made only

8th Level

Self made only

9th Level

Self made only

10th level

Self made only


Step 1: name[edit]

Your spells are from your own school, that you can name whatever you want.

Step 2: spell tag[edit]

Try to find a spell tag that describes the kind of spell you want to make.

Step 3: name[edit]

Make a name and description

Step 4: range[edit]

Choose range:

Range Spell point cost
Self, melee, touch friendly creature and touch object 0
30 ft 1
60 ft 2
120 ft 3
240 ft 4
500 ft 5
For each extra 250 ft +1 each

Step 5: damage type[edit]

Choose a damage type from: acid, bludgeoning, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, piercing, poison, psychic, radiant, slashing, thunder.

Step 6: damage[edit]

Choose a damage: To add more than 1 dice of damage, each extra dice is 1 point.

Damage dice Spell point cost
1d4 0
1d6 1
1d8 2
1d10 3
1d12 4

Step 8: area effect[edit]

You can choose what shape the spell is. You can choose; line, cone, cube, cylinder or sphere. Line is free and it is 4 ft by 4ft. Cone, cube, cylinder or sphere cost 1 point and has 5ft radius. Each 5ft radius increase cost 1 point.

Step 9: spell appearance[edit]

You can add colors, light, darkness or invisibile to the spell.

If your spell is Indivisible it costs 3 points. It has +2 to hit.

Step 10: concentration[edit]

You can choose to have your spell be either instant, or if you need concentration. If you choose concentration your spell only deals half its damage, but it continues each turn. But it does have the ability to move the area of effect up to 10f as your bonus action.

Step 11: casting time[edit]

You can choose how you cast the spell. The table below list the possible casting time. Negative numbers means that you gain spell points. You can't have a damaging spell that takes longer than an action to cast.

Casting time Spell points cost
Action 0
Bonus action 5
Reaction 7
1 minute -1
10 minute -2
1 hour -3
8 hours -4
12 hours -5
24 hours -6

Step 13: de-buff[edit]

You can give your spell a de-buff when they hit an enemy. These effects only last 1 turn. You may extend the time by spending 1 extra point for each turn. It cost 10 points to make it last a year. The effects are listed below list on how much they cost. You can't have more than 2 effects in 1 spell.

De-buff Spell points cost
deafened 1
grappled, charmed 2
blinded, frightened, poisoned 3
prone, restrained 4
stunned, petrified, paralyzed 7
unconscious 24

Step 14: healing and temporary hit points[edit]

You can also choose for a spell to heal instead of damaging. It deals quarter its damage in healing, or a half of it in temporary hit points. If the spell normally has de-buffs, it instead remove those de-buffs.

Step 15: buffs[edit]

You can give you spells buffs:

1 point

You can give bonuses to skills or AC equal to +1 for each 1 point spent to make the skill higher. For 1 round extra per point spent to make the duration longer.

You can give bonuses to movement speed equal to 5ft for every 1 point extra spent on this ability. The effect lasts for 1 round for each extra point spent to make the duration longer.

3 points

You can use 3 points to give advantage on 1 roll.

At the price of 3 points, you can make creature or object hit by your spell become under the effect of Invisibility spell. It lasts 1 minute but you can increase the time by 1 extra minute with each 2 points

Step 16[edit]

You can give you spells positive effects.

2 points

You can use 2 points to set a trigger on the spell.

4 points

You can use 4 points to make the spell either learn you a new language, or to speak with a kind of monster.

You can use 4 points to summon a monster. You have to pay an additional cost to this ability equal to 2x the CR of the creature you want to summon. You need concentration for the monster. The monster type and challenge rating has to be chosen while making the spell.

You can make an illusion for 4 points. This can be either an image, sound, smell or anything like that. The purpose is to trick someone with the illusion. The illusion is inside a 10ft by 10ft square. You can make it 5ft bigger for each 1 point extra spent. You can make the duration longer by 1 turn for each 1 point spent. You don't have to choose what the sound, smell or image is while making the spell.

5 points

You can make light or darkness center on a creature or an object. It costs 5 points.

6 points

You can have your spell teleport for 6 points. You can teleport 10ft away for every spell point extra, used on this ability.

12 points

You can use 12 points in order to transmute something. You can make any object become an object of your choose as long as its not magical.


You can have a spell give 1 extra attack or action/reaction. This lasts for 1 round for each extra point spent to make the duration longer.

You can also have someone do something of your choose on their turn (example: attacking one of their friendly creatures (which are enemy to you), or using all their movement speed to go somewhere you want). You do this by spending 9 points. The effect lasts for one round extra for each 3 points extra spent to make the duration longer.

Effect spell points cost
Reaction 3
Bonus action 5
Extra attack 6
Action 7

Step 17: negative effect[edit]

You can give your spells negative effects

1 point

You can have a spell knock a creature back 5ft for each one and a half point used on this ability. This requires a saves of your choice.

Step 18: saving throw[edit]

If your spell has an area effect or an effect, choose an ability saving throw. On a successful save, targets take half damage and unaffected by any effects from the spell. On a failed save, targets take full damage and under any effects from the spell. Targets repeats the saving throw at the end of their turn. If the ability is Dexterity, Constitution or Wisdom, it does not cost any spell points. If it is Strength, Intelligence or Charisma, it cost 1 spell point.

final step[edit]

Everything the spell does has to be chosen while creating the spell, and cannot be changed afterwards) (For example if it states that you an give +1 to a skill, the skill has to be chosen beforehand. And another example of this is that id you want to summon a monster, the monsters type and challenge rating, also has to be chosen beforehand.

If you want a specific ability that is not in this shop, it is a good idea to work with your DM, in order to find out what is okay for the campaign.


An example how you can use this to make a spell. Spell-idea= A spell that shoots a toilet paper roll on a creature. The creature then takes 4d10 psychic damage and becomes charmed. First choose psychic damage, and then 1d10 for 3 points. Then choose to add the die 3 more times and give it 30ft range for a total of 7 points. Choose that the creature must succeed a constitution saving throw because of the smell that the spell makes. Lastly choose that the spell is a white beam formed as a toilet paper projectile and let it be instant, and get the charm effect for 2 points with a charisma saving throw. This ends up with a total of 9 points, meaning the spell is a level 3 spell.

Another example: Spell idea= A spell that infuses lightning inside your weapon for a total of 4d6 extra damage every turn, and the next time you get attacked you gain a +4 to AC. First choose lightning damage, and touch object. Then make the damage 8d6 by spending 9 points. Then choose concentration to half the damage down to 4d6, but the damage stays on the object forever as long as you have concentration. Then you can choose for the spell to glow a bright yellow lightning energy. After that make a new ability that grants +4 to AC for 1 turn and choose self, and give it a trigger, so that it will happen whenever you choose it for free. This will cost 6 points and together with the lightning weapon in the same spell it will cost 15. This means the spell will be level 5.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the Astral Controller class, you must meet these prerequisites: 13 intelligence

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the Astral Controller class, you gain the following proficiencies: none

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