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Armor (plate), artifact (requires attunement)

Armor of the gods

This set of armor was created for the gods to use in their holy war in the stars. Each of these ancient artifacts holds within it special, extraordinary powers, and when brought together their powers are greater than the sum of the parts.

Set Effect. If you are attuned to multiple items from the Armor of the Gods set, you may treat these attuned items as a single attuned item.

Paladine's Chest Plate

In a time of great upheval in the worlds, when gods walked the material plane, a master smith was called by the gods to work her greatest masterpiece for their holy battles. Pouring her soul into the design, she created her greatest work - finishing just before her dying breath. Unfortunately for her legacy, the piece would never fall into the hands she had meant it for - and it has drifted throughout the lands giving rise to heroes and tyrants since.

Magic Armor. Paladines Chest Plate is a magic armor that grants a +4 bonus to Armor class while equipped. Additionally, its magnificent construction renders the wearer completely immune to the additional damage from Critical Hits - though the automatic hit still does apply.

Kiri-Jolith's Shield

Attunement Required
Kiri-Jolith, a great warrior, once stood against the gods of magic - to surprisingly great affect. He managed to hold his position in battle for 17 days and nights, never resting, before succumbing to his wounds. During the battle, his shield absorbed the blows from so many spells that it became enchanted with the magic of the gods he fought.

Magic Shield. Kiri-Jolith's Shield is a magic shield that grants a +3 bonus to Attacks and Damage rolls made with this magic shield. Additionally, it grants the wielder the ability to absorb nearby spell attacks and store their energy for later use.

Absorb Spell Attack. Using a Reaction, the wielder of the shield can interpose the shield to block a spell attack that targets themself or an ally within reach. By making a successful attack with the shield equal to 10+spell level, the spell is absorbed by the shield. The shield can store up to 20 spell levels, to be later used in the discharge ability.

Discharge. When you strike a foe with the shield, you may expend any number of spell levels to deal an additional 1d6 Magical Bludgeoning damage for each spell level expended.

Set Effect. If you are attuned to three items from the Armor of the Gods set, Kiri-Jolith's Shield also acts as a Spellguard shield

Majere's Boots

+5 speed.

Mishakal's Gauntlets

Attunement Required
Mishakal was a religious zealot during the holy wars, and she poured her divine fervor into these gauntlets by praying with them over the course of her life. When she died, others found that by wearing the gauntlets they were able to perform some of the minor miracles that Mishakal was known to perform.

The wearer gains the ability to cast Cure Wounds and Inflict Wounds without expending a spell slot.

Set Effect. You are able to cast Cure Wounds and Inflict Wounds at one spell level higher for each item in the Armor of the Gods set you are attuned to.

Solinari's Gem

gem of brightness

Bahamut's Helmet

Attunement Required
Crafted by the dragon cults during the holy wars, Bahamut's Helmet was an honor bestowed to the greatest among their acolytes. The blood of acolytes praising Bahamut spilled into the helm time and again as their best were slain, and eventually the helm gained the power they sought with every waking thought.

Breath Weapon. Twice per long rest, you may call upon the helm with a mental command to use a breath weapon - as if you were Bahamut himself. This breath weapon is a 30' cone which deals 4d8 untyped damage, creatures reduced to 0 by this ability are utterly disintegrated and can only be returned to life by a wish or miracle spell.

Set Effect. If you are attuned to three items from the Armor of the Gods set you gain the ability to read, write, and speak Draconic - and the ability to breathe water.

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